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  1. Sorry to break this to you, but the Gen VII will be NOTHING like what you expect. First, the region is based off Pearl Harbor. Yes, you didn't hear wrong. PEARL. HARBOR. The place the Japanese bombed during WW2. Pokémon is a Japanese company. Dang, bad location choice. It will create a controversy!


    Second, the new games do not have that classic 8-Gyms-and-Elite-4 formula. Instead, you have to battle the leaders of the 4 or 5 Islands. Even the naming scheme of the professors is broken! The new Pokémon Professor is called Kuku. Seriously?


    Third, NO MEGA'S. Isn't it bad that I actually like some Mega's? Instead, the will have something new called zMoves. This requires an accessory like Mega Ring, and specific stones for each Pokémon. Instead of changing the Pokémon's stats, appearance, and sometimes type, it allows a Pokémon to use a universe-obliteratingly overpowered move.


    Fourth, some of the new Pokémon have HORRIBLE designs, there is even a Pokémon that is simply a pile of sand. FOR REAL?!! The names are also horrible. There is a Pokémon called... wait for it... TAPU KEKE. What does that even mean?!?! However, there are a lot of cute Pokémon as well.


    Last but not least, and the one that upsets me the most, is 'new versions of old Pokémons'. This may sound cool, but indeed, it makes me feel dreadful. The old Pokémon's designs are drastically changed, like the old Pokémons' designs never existed, and their types switched to their opposites.


    GAH. Forget the hype.