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  1. Yes, I'm also still stuck on d4r15, and my boyfriend is stuck on an endless chore loop. We both don't have the scale, and he doesn't have the chocolates you're supposed to get after helping with chores. We both have the flowers from the day before, not sure if the Heartseeker is talking about those or a new flower item.
  2. Oh, right. Thank you for that! ^^ Hopefully a fix will be out soon, then.
  3. I don't think anyone has gotten those yet. I'm stuck in the screen where he is supposed to give me the items and I should be able to leave, but I only get a "return" option.
  4. Yeah, this is the first time I've gotten stuck. Been lucky up to this point lol
  5. No, I have all the items so far and I'm still stuck on a loop.
  6. So I have the statue, and I have the beetle, and he gave me the three colored beetles, but I am also stuck in a loop without getting the gifts he wants me to deliver.
  7. Oh wow, what a gorgeous lineage!
  8. Nah, it's a red dragon stair step lineage. It looks really pretty ^^ Link
  9. My boyfriend manged to -surprisingly- grab a bronze tinsel someone abandoned.
  10. Ahhhh, I just saw some Vampy eggs at the end of the AP. My last two hatchlings need to hurry and grow up so I can get my bronze statue :c I need so many eggs!
  11. The AP is making me sad for all those new eggs :c
  12. Oh cool! I didn't know that ^^ Thank you for dispelling my worries.
  13. Yeah like, they haven't been on there for a while now o-o and I was about to get my second egg D:
  14. All the cave habitats are empty D':
  15. Yay!!! Good luck everyone! ^^ EDIT: Oh wow I actually got on the first page for once Just got my little egg <3 They're so gorgeous! Thank you very much TJ! ^^ Happy Valentine's Day also, everyone!
  16. Five minutes to go <3 Sooooo excite!
  17. Purple would be so lovely o: I do hope they go with darker colors this year. The Heartseeker Dragon from from 2012 is definitely my favorite one, so something like that or darker would be so pretty ^^ Though if it's not, I'll still be extremely happy because it's my first V-Day on DC and I'll be getting a new dragon! ^^
  18. Oh snap. I need to get prepared for this I was completely under the impression it was going to be tomorrow night. My eggs now need to hurry up and hatch <_<
  19. Ohhhh wow, so it's tonight??? Not tomorrow night? O_O
  20. Isn't it supposed to be released on Valentines night? Like, midnight on the fourteenth, not midnight on the thirteenth? I just want to clarify so that if it is tonight, I won't go around catching more eggs.
  21. A very interesting name I thought this code was really cool.
  22. This may seem like a stupid question but I've only been on DC a month so ^^' Is there a way we could view more eggs on the AP? Or are we strictly set to seeing only 35 at a time?