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  1. Yay I got all 40 items! :D :D


    Well, that was a fun adventure, between the missing items and the super cute story. Thank you to all the people that worked on this and everyone who helped us get our items <3 It was a very fun Valentine's event/my first DC event!

  2. So I got five new items today...


    BUT now I am stuck on a "Return" loop when I was supposed to help Tassind with another favor and have no options to go back and get items. -.-


    There's just a "Return" button, and when I click it it takes me back to the list of people's houses and the option to talk tot he dragon again.


    Halp :c

  3. I'm sorry the event is panning out to be less than you guys wanted. There were some issues that had come up, and because of those issues, there wasn't much help. Just know that those of us who did work on it, did the best we could to make sure there would be something.

    Though there are some glitchy things with the items (I still have yet to get several) and it's not a true Choose Your Own Adventure game, I still really like the cuteness of the event and I'm thoroughly enjoying all the craziness going on lol like climbing over ravines on trees and finding mysterious things in caves, and the cuteness of helping the dragon's kids and whatnot.


    This is my first V-Day event and my first ever event on DC, so I am really enjoying it ^^

  4. Still, the hatchlings seemed precious, and it makes me wish Dragon Cave was real and not an internet sprite adoption game.

    I think a lot of people on here would agree, including myself.


    EDIT: There is just a complete wall of green on the AP lol

  5. Though I am still missing the scale, new flowers, and chocolates, on today's story I believe I got all the items I was supposed to!


    I got: four different colored flowers, a vial, and a flower headband thing.


    I enjoyed the story also, it was a cute scene playing with the hatchlings ^^

  6. Oh and also... is anyone else also still missing Items. I got outta the loop... I THINK around the time they fixed it like... at 2am for me, but... I don't have ANY Items I should have gotten...

    Should I contact someone? O.o

    They're going to give us a chance to go back and get items we missed at some point, so no need to worry about it ^^


    I still have yet to get the scale, chocolates, and new flowers so we shall see!

  7. Do you guys want more info? I assume that's a fairly stupid question... of course you do!






    Thank you for the details, C4!


    That's really interesting o: Didn't know how aquatic they were, and that's interesting about their breeding habits ^^

  8. The new dragon definitely resembles a heart color-scheme wise, in my opinion.


    Also it's description can also be related to a heart, how it often changes moods and wants things it can't have sometimes.


    I don't know, perhaps I'm looking too much into it lol but I do like the idea of how it looks.

  9. Some people got the scale and chocolates? I completed the story to a T today when it was bugging out, but still haven't gotten those two items :c


    SIDENOTE: The new V-Day dragons, because of their coloration, resemble actual hearts O: I didn't see that before but looking closely, they really do look like it. That's amazing.