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  1. Er.. compulsive XD Though I can be impulsive, too...


    Also, on the subject of school/work...


    Luckily I've gotten all my necessary schooling done ^^ but now I go on jobs doing IT, and it's not the most difficult job in the world but wiring and installs can drag on and get tiring ^^'

  2. Aw, Holo! Our inventory orders match! I think the Mutamores are behind this! :P


    I'm most impressed by the seashell, but then again I somewhat have the beach on my mind outside the annoying headaches I've been having the past few days... <_< I fear they will turn into migraines like they have the past two full moons... user posted image

    Yay Valentine buddies XD


    Yeah the seashell is really pretty, definitely one of my favorites. Also, that is one super fancy whisker o: I like it.

  3. I got all 40 items but it now lists all the houses and who is missing or wanting something. I click on talk to the dragon but she says the same thing. Is that it? Or do I have to wait for the next day to continue and deliver all the items everybody is looking for??

    You have to go back and click on the people who need to receive their gifts ^^