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  1. I'm just trying to use up as much ingredients as I can. Although I doubt I'll be able to use up 25 more cocoa beans before the end.

    So I have 6 yam stuffed mushrooms, plus 6 mashed sweet potatoes, 5 Bûche de Noël , 12 banana splits plus 8 ice creams, 8 fruitcakes, 4 batches of cookies, 3 gingerbread houses, 8 apple ciders, 8 eggnogs, 36 bowls on minestrone, 63 roast chickens & 43 bottles of wine

  2. Anyone want to drop by my scroll for New Year dinner? I have eggnog, hot cocoa, apple cider and lots of wine! I've got sandwiches, lots of soup, roast chicken, and masked sweet potatoes, as well as yam stuffed mushrooms. Plenty of desserts Buche de Noel, gingerbread houses, fruitcake, and lots of banana splits and some caramel apples.