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  1. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Three caveborn Pipio Pigmies
  2. Is anyone catching the windies?
  3. I have caveborn desipis & shadow walker eggs, don't need anything in return. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Well, I've gotten three more so now it's 50.
  5. Doesn't the first post say 50 treats? I've got 47 and they stopped dropping.
  6. I wish they would dress the dragon's up in costumes like they did in 2012. Or maybe use some of the forms they morphed into with the Brewing Mischief potions from 2015.
  7. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! New red hatchlings
  8. I think the green is a variation of the red one. Might be only obtainable by breeding.
  9. Anyone got a green one? I got the purple one in the coast and the red one in the desert and volcano.
  10. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Cave born xenawyrm
  11. Gifting: two caveborn "shiny" eggs Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. Got two hybrids, one from purple nebula x purple ridgewing, one from red nebula x tan ridgewing blue n x purple r = "no egg produced" green n x tan r = nebula egg
  13. Got one hybrid, one "no egg was produced.
  14. Got my Sunsong/Sunrise hybrids, but don't have anymore Sunsongs to breed with the Sunsets. And my pygmy pairs produced nothing!
  15. I don't like the badge case! I want all my badges across the top of my page like they were.
  16. My House Drop on in, my guestroom sleeps four! Hmmm, it looks like they moved the dresser in the master bedroom, it was all the way down in the corner before, so it didn't block the doorway. And I wish the ice fireplace would have lighted like the other one.
  17. I wish they had included a Christmas Tree!
  18. I wish I had a 4th room. I have a living room, my bedroom and a guestroom, but I'd love to have a dining room too.
  19. I was mostly doing the package delivery. Pearl, Bill & Janus are all a quick sprint to and back. Since Galys was further and right by the sledding challenge, I would drop off her package and then do the sledding challenge before heading back to the post office. I loved when I got like 4 packages for Janus in a row, since he's the nearest.
  20. Well, it appears I've gotten all the items. My annoyance is that the ice fireplace works better in my living room than the Art Noveau one, but you can't light it.