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  1. Edit: Fun story:

    Huggyface belongs to my son Toby (who does have an entry on the wiki). There is a story there behind the names. He was about 5 at the time.


    At the time Huggyface was named, Toby's favorite character from Batman was Harvey Two Face.. but no matter how hard he tried to say it, he kept saying Huggyface. At that time, he would name all of his dragons based on what he saw around the house, or whatever I wrote down as the name he said he wanted to use (because we were using the game as a way to help teach him to spell and type among other things). Since he kept saying Huggyface, that is what I wrote down for him to name it. Hence, Harvey being known as Huggyface :P

    Aww, that's adorable XD


    I was wondering one thing. Is it known if the new valentines dragon will have a 2. form or 2 different versions or something? Because I'd like to know if I should freeze the 2. hatchling I got or let it grow up incase there is another version

  2. Those are spriter's alts. They're special versions made as a reward exclusively for the spriters. There's no way to get them; all you can hope for is a 2g offspring from them. Such 2gs are highly valued and require a lot of luck to get.


    The encyclopedia won't show such alts, but you can find them on the wiki here.

    Ah, thanks! The wiki is quite useful. What's "2g"?


    And the black sweetling seems to be in a different group?


    Edit: Ah, nvm, I looked up where they come from

  3. I'm not sure if this was asked before, but how come some valentines dragons have a different color? Sweetling and another one I think. The part that confuses me is that the encyclopedia only shows one color.

    I was also wondering if it's somehow possible to figure out how to aquire a different version of a dragon, since the encyclopedia doesn't tell that, is there a list or something similar?

  4. Hmm.. In the christmas game, where is the person that I need to deliver the currants to?


    Please take these kinds of questions to the News thread. ^^