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  1. I use all of hatcheries where don't need to registration. But in the first day I put my eggs into two hatcheries only. And in the third day I put them into the other hatcheries. My fav: Hatching Club, Egg Drop soup, Valley etc. If I use only two hatcheries in the first day my eggs won't be sick .
  2. I have read the books after I watched the first movie. I dont really like the movie. After watching the last part of the Mockingjay I was not satisfied I am little bit crazy, I don't like Gale and Prim (I hate Prim sorry ) my fav are Effie and the Capitol ;D
  3. I am not watching the Dr Who ( I just watched the first season because the Doctor was Malekith from the Thor2 ) But my roomate a really big fan. I think the story of the Dr Who is fantastic and the new Doctor is great. He is looks like an crazy Einstein
  4. Dears in Hungary we have a tripple crown winner in this year too. I love the horse racing but Pharaoh didnt win the derby if the jockey didnt use the whip. ;d The tripple crown is nice but only 3 races. The modern racehorses can't produce that a racehorse in the 19th century (Kincsem etc.) AND... I don't really like the tennis
  5. I am so sad. My pet chicken is missing. She was my lil' daughter and I tried to find her but the weather is cold and foggy and dark, I used a torch but it wasn't helped to me ((
  6. In Hungary the weather is cold and foggy. But yes this is a christmass without snow again :/