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    Hy, I am on the DC since 28, Dec,2008. My fisrt dragon was a chritmass dragon [ The Half blood rainbow ] I have a little affair with my old username I had special characters in it ( I could not log in). But TJ helped me and I started the breeding again in this September.

    I am hungarian and some of my old friends from the Pony Club (Penny Girl) showed me this game in 2008.

    We put our dragons into our signature box and every day we clicking and clicking and waiting for the hatchlings.

    I am over 800 dragons I have no aim, I just love this game, and the fantastic dragons.

    My favorite breed is the Guardian Dragon, and the Shadow Walker.

    Not the Breeding, the name giving is my favorite. I have Guardian Dragons named after Saints, 2015 Halloween dragons after Pholophers, Hellhorse dragons named after British racecourses. I have some Dinos named after my or my frends dog. etc.

    I use Hungarian, English, German, Czech, Polish, Italian, and Fantasy words for naming my dragons.