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Not really active here now ;u;(2019/10/28)

Looking for prize checkers and 2g prize-kins |Would like to swap prize checkers?PM me.

About holiday lineage(include sprite alts lineage)&prize checker 12/14/2017

Wishlist in my profile|my time zone is GMT+8

English isn't my first language.Sorry for any mistake ;u;

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    Thanks for your reading in advance^^
    And sorry for my poor English,English isn't my first language.
    Sometimes,I may make some mistakes in grammar or spelling.Forgive me ;v;;;

    [I promise I'll take eggs in 24 hours unless I'm locked. However , sometimes I read the message by moblie, take eggs and reply messages by computer after go home. If you notice I read your message but no response.Don't worry,I'm sure I'll reply in 24 hours.If not, just send message again. Maybe I miss it. Thank you!]

    || 欢迎中文PM! ||

    LOOKING FOR: (updade 1/2/2016)
    2g sprite alt
    2g prize/prizekin
    3g-5g prize checker
    3g prize stair/checker from penk or Jewel
    CB Gold
    CB silver
    CB common/uncommon hatchlings
    any lineage Aeno/Red/Pink hatchlings

    [About holiday lineage(include sprite alts lineage)&prize checker](update:12/14/2017 )


    IOU LIST: (update 1/19/2018)
    [I promised]
    (It will be deleted when completed.If I forget you,just send a PM to me!)
    [To AngelusMicheal]
    3g silver tinsel x Chrono checker(0/1)(not trade,keep in mind)

    [To evilSpectra]
    3g Mutamore x Chrono Spriter's Alt checker (this Valentine,from W2ANh)(0/1)

    [To JaneMcAsh]
    3g silver tinsel x Chrono checker(0/1)(no egg 2/5)

    [To tishavara]
    Return 3g bronze tinsel x almandine checker(0/1)

    [Waiting for]
    (I'll hide your name if you don't want your name here)
    3g silver tinsel x Pillow checker(0/1)

    3g Silvere tinsel x Mistletoe checker(1/1)
    3g Bronze Shimmer x Gold lunar checker(0/1)
    3g Silver shimmer x green nebula checker(0/1)

    15 CB halloween hatchies(2017)(0/15)

    2g mageia from Adani

    10 x CB xeno hatchlings(mageia,pyro and gaia only,at least 3 gaia)(1/10)
    (more than 6 months haven't any response,but still active)
    (Sent:3 reminders(8/18,8/25,11/12)/no response)

    6 CB hatchlings from my list(at least 3 gmeshard/lunar)(2/3)(2/3)

    1 x 2g gold form Almandine(m)/Nocturne(m)(0/1)

    3g bronze shimmer x nocturne(f) stair

    [Andalusian](looks unactive)
    4 CB rare hatchlings(2/4)

    Completed IOU&UOM with
    // charlottekay62 // Whentime // Pattekat // lolahighwind // lamel // MissHippie // dooly // Chocolatefountain // Icefire177 // Iron // angelicdragonpuppy // Amaterasu-sama // motherofdragons2016 // kaoruhitachiintwin // tikigurl91 // OAOA // daestarr // Nightwalkerkey // Winteria // banban007 // jessieice // DevilAngelWolf27 // greycat // cyradis4 // Infinis // vi_obsession // Odeen // Dreamfur // tishavara // TOP // Nz-pupz // TheToxicCycle // Kaasheris // Pluviophillia // JaneMcAsh // HollowSoul // kbl // Sunrunner // djengis // Anz96 // Renmiri // Dragoncia // MIGOR // Godzalla // Gealach // willifus // Gingehfish // Terrafreaky // HeartJacker13 // Varnayrah // Asura // Amestris A // Diame // mo7 // lincoln6echo // Carrow // Coyote // CharonDusk // Namii // Puredark006 // shopfront // rika84 // InugamiZERO // shortaxel // Bison // Imzadi // Lazurite // HarbingerPuppeteer // Frankenweenie // tjekan // jerzeeshadow //

    *If I forget to write your name here,but you want a proof about you complete an IOU from me,just PM me.