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  1. As Rick brought his horse to a stop, Eric swung his leg over the horse, and slid unto the ground. "Thank you for all the help, Rick." Eric stated. "It was nice meeting you." Turning to Flamanti, he nodded his head to her. "It was also a pleasure to meet you Flamanti. I wish both of you the best of luck. I believe you two will achieve great things together. Farewell." With a pivot of the heel, the young man entered the inn, and disappeared behind the sturdy wooden door. (Dang it, I love doing this, and that post left a major loose end open: Eric has no money. Would it be too presumptuous to write that the owner of the inn is a long-lost childhood friend, who takes Eric into his household without payment, or at least puts him to work?)
  2. (ok, I'll do one last post. I had fun as well. I'll wait for Torch to post, and then I'll say my farewell.)
  3. I feel like I'm abandoning you guys, but I don't have much of a choice. I'm entering into a very busy part of my life, and I just don't have the time to keep up. I'm sorry for leaving. I had a wonderful time with all of you. Feel free to do whatever you want to do with Eric. I don't have a problem if you drop him off somewhere and never interact with him again.
  4. As Rick led his horse through the looming gates, Eric became assaulted by numerous scents and sounds. The sprawling metropolis bustled with energy, and people went about their business. Peddlers pushed carts along the road, advertising their exotic goods. One came up to Eric, gesturing at what seemed to be a fruit. "No thank you." Eric stated, shooing the man away. Buildings clashed, with large stately buildings giving way to small establishments. Passing one, Eric's nose was overwhelmed with the smell of baked goods. How long has it been since I had a properly-baked loaf of bread? How long has it been since I've eaten something other than badly cooked meat, berries, and mushroom? Gazing down the long cobbled road, Eric surveyed the vast amount of people strolling through the streets. Looking at the back of Rick's head, Eric asked, "How many people live here? This place is gigantic! And how do you feed them all?" (Sorry, I confused that rule with another RP's rule. I'll try not to do it again.)
  5. (Feel free to post without me, unless you reference me in something. I have no idea what the inside of the city looks like, and I don't particularly wish to completely mess up the description. Unless you're fine with me simply describing every-day city life (Can anyone fill me in on that? Sorry, for some reason I stress myself about making a mistake and looking like a complete idiot))
  6. "You"ll get no trouble from me." Eric declared. "Thank you for the warning, though. I'll make sure to be cautious around her." And even my heavy arrows would not do anything but annoy a dragon. "Well, might as well be on our way," Eric suggested, turning to Rick. If we dally any longer Blaze is going to get irritated. The little guy never could stand being in the compartment, even when it's necessary. Eric restlessly shifted in the saddle, eager to see the city.
  7. (I need some clarification about the post order etiquette. In my present situation, would the proper action be to wait for Flamanti and Rick to post in response, because I posted before Raven? I want to figure this out for the future, because I'm always happy to spend my free time making a post, and as soon as a new reply comes in, I start thinking about my next post. [i recommend you limit my posts to the aforementioned order, or else I'll post waaayyyy to often ])
  8. Suddenly, Rick brought his horse to a halt, and turned around to listen to Flamanti's conversation. Twisting in the saddle, Eric watched as Flamanti interrogated the two Dragons as to the whereabouts of the deer they had hunted. Flamanti appeared to be growing frustrated at the lack of a clear answer. It seems that large game is growing scarce around here, due to the large populace of dragons and humans. No wonder I couldn't find anything but scrawny little squirrels.
  9. "Thank you" Eric replied as he shouldered his pack, and awkwardly jumped into the saddle. "I haven't rode a horse in ages. Hopefully I don't fall off." Studying the city, Eric breathed a sigh of relief, glad that his journey had finally drawn to an end. "I am indebted to you two, for assisting me," Eric said, addressing Rick and Flamanti. I wouldn't have lasted another week on my own. It was a massive stroke of luck that I stumbled upon the city.
  10. Eric intently watched the dragons discuss amongst themselves. After turning to Rick, they asked him about housing space. Housing space? Just sounds weird for a dragon to be asking for something like that. Actually, I've been alone for a while, so basically anything civilized sounds strange to me. Digging through his bag, Eric pulled out his canteen, and tipped it over his mouth. Absolutely nothing came out. Confused, Eric remembered that he had emptied it into the fire earlier. It's been a long day. A long week, for that matter. I need some rest. I'll see later if I can find someplace to stay the night. *Edit* Fixed a few grammar mistakes, and a word that was bugging me.
  11. Eric watched intently as the two dragons exited the forest, one slighly taller than the other. They exchanged words with each other and with Flamanti. Answering their question, Eric replied "I literally just stumbled upon Windfall a short while ago, and haven't even been in the city yet. I've been wandering all over the place." Inwardly, Eric was as excited as a child opening up a gift, yet kept his outer appearance calm. This was not the time to start acting foolishly. Hearing hissing from inside his pack, he patted the compartment concealing Blaze, whispering "It's alright, I'm pretty sure they are not hostile," which immediately caused the cat to quiet down.
  12. "Glad you could make it, Rick." Eric said, feeling relieved as Rick's horse trotted to a stop. "Be ready to run if need be. If this takes a turn for the worse, we might a hasty escape." He stared at green depths of forest, trying in vain to discern a silhouette or figure hiding in the shifting shadows. But when Flamanti called the two dragons, he diverted his eyes to her, noticing that she had dropped her head, as if in respect. Seems to me that if she's worried about their size, that I can't do too much damage. Best to keep my bow out of sight.Reaching behind his back, Eric opened the compartment that held his bow, and slid it into its place. Facing towards the unseen dragons, he called "We mean you no harm. You do not need to show yourselves if you do not wish to. We will not chase you, and we will not attack if you do show yourselves." Settling into the cold, rough ground, Eric sat down, attempting to look unthreatening.
  13. (I'm tired from working on a robot all day, and getting up early, so please excuse me if my post is terrible) After hearing from Flamanti that two Dragons were coming in their direction, he quickly drew his bow, saying "We need to back up. It's best that they don't feel like we're ambushing them, and so we can easily retreat if they are hostile. About two-hundred feet should probably be fine." Eric set off at a jog, stopping at the aforementioned distance. As Blaze caught up to him, Eric hurriedly ushered the car into his backpack compartment, to the obvious displeasure of Blaze. "I know you don't enjoy being in here, but it's for you own good. If we need to run, I don't want to be separated from you." The fire-colored cat finally submitted, laying down in the backpack as Eric sealed it. Standing up, he looked around. "Where the heck is Rick?" he asked in a worried voice. "We could really use him right now."
  14. Walking through the woods, Eric became lost in thought, automatically putting one foot in front of the other as his thoughts turned to other things. What a weird way to stumble upon civilization. This has been a strange day. Let's see how this plays out. These two are rather interesting Glancing over to his side, he checked that Blaze was still following. "How you doing buddy? Eric asked. The fire-colored cat looked up, letting out a weak meow. "I know, I'm tired as well. At least we're at the edge of the forest." As they stepped out into the large area between th city and the forest, he glanced at the city. No trouble from them yet. Better that it stays that way. Sitting down, he began to wait for Rick and Flamanti to reach him. (That would be interesting. I'll let you guys decide if we go back to town, and see you there, or if you spot us as you go to the city. Or we spot you. Or something like that. What direction are you coming from?)
  15. Striking a path back to the edge of the forest, Eric called back to Rick and Flamanti, saying "Then I guess it's settled. I will meet you two at the edge of the forest." He disappeared from their view, with Blaze following closely behind. Let's hope that the city doesn't send out people to confront us. As he picked his way through the forest, he began to whistle a tune to himself, one that he had learned as a child.
  16. "Less talk, more moving" Eric requested. "Your tail is coming quite close to that shrub behind you. We can continue once we're in a clear area." Turning, he began to walk back to where he had entered, near the city. Before he could walk a dozen feet, Eric stopped, and returned to where he had been standing. "Where do you want to go?"he inquired. "The nearest clear place I know of is back towards the city."
  17. (I'll wait to see if Rick will edit his last post on page 144, so I can edit my post to match his)
  18. (So all the dragons in Rudvich are free? That basically invallidates half of our recent posts. So should we edit them?)
  19. "My name is Eric" he responded. " It will be good to have a book to read again. Hopefully, nobody confronts me about how badly I smell. And I agree that we should move, before we burn down this entire forest." Gathering his supplies, Eric rose, and leaned on a tree, studying Flamanti and Rick. I don't know if I would enjoy staying in this "Rudvich". Never been much of a city guy, I guess. Maybe I could tag along with this Rick. He seems like a good person. (And thanks for the link. Gave me a better perspective of Flamanti)
  20. Looking up from his meal, Eric asked "Do you have many dragons in the city, Rick? I've always been interested in them, but never found the chance to see one up close until now. Also, do you have any libraries, or something of that sort? I haven't had a good book to read in a while."
  21. Hearing Rick's question, Eric replied "It's one of the few things my parents taught me. I don't know where they learned it, and I didn't consider them sorcerers. They were pretty normal people, with normal lives"
  22. As Eric sat under a tree, tearing off pieces or the scorched pig's head, he heard a strange hissing sound coming from his backpack. Startled, he exclaimed "Dang it, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot!" After opening a compartment in the bottom of his pack, a reddish-orange cat limped out, due to an injured paw. Immediately, it began to hiss at Flamanti, arching it's back. "The Dragon is a friend Blaze. Calm down. And I finally managed to find some food." Holding up the head, Eric removed a piece of it, setting it in front of Blaze. Sniffing at it, the cat cautiously tasted the pig, then began to devour it with enthusiasm. "Now let's see that paw of yours." Eric said. Holding his hand on the paw, he extended his other hand to a bush, which soon started to shrivel. Before it could die, Eric moved his hand to a tree, drawing energy from it. Shortly, he removed his hand, inspecting Blaze's paw, where the cuts had sealed up. "As good as new" Eric exclaimed. Looking around the clearing, he proceeded to introduce his cat, saying "This is my companion, Blaze."Turning back to his food, he continued to eat, occasionally separating a portion for Blaze.