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Scroll | Wishlist | GMT | IOU Friendly (click)I'm back from a reeeeaaallly long break.If you want anything breeding off my scroll, just ask! I love gifting for free!2nisaro.png YSmCAkS.png


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    A parallel universe where everyone rides giant ducks.
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    Hello! I like cats and dragons and video games and food. That pretty much sums me up. I'm not very interesting so here's some other stuff.

    -PMs make me happy. I love receiving PMs because they make me feel popular so feel free to PM me ;)

    -I like IOUs so don't be afraid to ask. I only decline people if you're too new or have a bad reputation.

    -I name all my dragons with short names, so don't worry about that.

    -I do use a click site (AoND), so if any of my dragons aren't recieving any views because they're not on the click site, it's for a reason so please don't put them back on for me.

    -I love trading and gifting! If you want something bred off my scroll, just ask! I'm more than happy to breed for free and to trade.

    -I keep my wishlist (see signature) updated, so check that out if you actually want to...

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