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  1. well, um, a cheese dragon dropped it in there. Waiter, there's a laptop filled with a million dollars in my soup
  2. 173 for all the chocolate i got YUMMMMMM
  3. now, i've claimed the last post with my gold wyvern army!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  4. Super-Saiyan Goku nice neotropical
  6. Keep: Alt black abandon: spitfire kill: SW O and by the way hgfggg, holy cow, you would abandon the most rrest egg ever? New list: cheese, paper, chicken
  7. UMMMM.... *looks in pokemon book* Espeon! just look at the grown pillow plz
  8. keep: silver abandon: alt black kill: balloon Neglected, Ice, Gold (yep. pretty hard, right?)
  9. YUMMMMM hot sauce packets? (i mean, the hot sauce inside, not the packet itself, and yes i do eat those )
  10. The new eggs i think are matchmaker eggs
  11. This has nothing to do with our research, but i've put up a office!! I've pinned this banner -> on it, and our current research.
  12. I think that this banner is hilairious in my opinion
  13. Possible Cheese & Bird Reasoning Cheese dragons like to eat random stuff The Cheese Dragons Hate the birds Birds are yummy to cheese dragons Cheese dragons like hunting flying things
  14. Professor-ship given! Have fun!