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  1. GOOSE!!! put: I am very annoyed with whoever reads this
  3. They come from chickens, then some dragons who come along give it mana and it turns into a breed of dragon. Who is TJ09?
  4. OMG CLICK HERE <- Holy cow! tan ridgewing egg??? YESSSSS! FINALLY YES!
  5. Goose! Put: I think TJ is a robot
  6. The DVD comes out as a donut I insert TJ09 with a Ban Hammer
  7. Just to note, Sun_Critter has claimed her cheese egg. I've told her about it. Thanks
  8. Finally got my Dorkwed! Lineage -> (kind of messy) -> https://dragcave.net/lineage/g3KfA
  9. I'll help with your wing experiment
  10. Does any one of you people read the Wings of Fire series?
  11. Because the dragons burned it How do you get a paper dragon?
  12. WHAT??? AHHH! DONT GET MY DRAGONS! drops a verrrrrrrry heavy sleeping cheese dragon
  13. Keep: avatar of destruction abandon: avatar of change kill: avatar of creation (lol i keep the death one and kill the life one) red dorsal, alt vine, gold
  14. Oor maybe those buds are wings that have been attached and have fallen off long time ago.
  15. As with the failed offspring, could cheese dragons could've make cheese eggs by those buds?
  16. Annoying dorkface and thuwed are always ''not interested''