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  1. This seems more like a game rather than a "real" discussion of the Cheese dragon. As such, mods have decided to move it to games.




    edited for spelling - ruby

    Ok! That's fine with me. Anyway, I'm fixing up this place, so you can make any changes to where it should be and stuff

  2. It's simple. Just make a story out of 3-4 words


    Guy 1: There was once a

    Guy 2: dragon who was cute

    guy 3: and it's name is

    Guy 4: Goldpantz!

    And so on and on until leaf_blaziken posts The End


    I'll start:

    Inside the cave,

  3. Welcome new students. I'm your head professor, leaf_blaziken, or leaf, or LB for short.

    Some stuff about me in this game

    1. I collect xenos and is starting a vine collection

    2. My love for cheeses started this topic

    3. If trying to refer my gender, please put "it"

    4. Um, starting Wings Of Fire dragon collection?


    I love to see how it's going. After i finish my Wings of Fire dragon collection, then I'll take back over.