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  1. Love the pokeball egg. Lol dragon-pikachu! (dragonchu?)
  2. The dragons look weird, but still funtion. A wild pillow dragon comes and joins your team. You Obtained: Pillow Dragon, Pile of gold.
  3. hmmm, ooorrr, D.) Get a dragon to fight. I choose D!
  4. Shush (below this line is some words. Copy and paste to read on another tab) Dont jinx it. Hope ruby or sock doesnt notice this. 11
  5. Ok! That's fine with me. Anyway, I'm fixing up this place, so you can make any changes to where it should be and stuff
  6. NOTE: i've gone over the first post, and Sun_critter gets an exception from the ''bronze trophy'' enrollment rule. She's my sister of corse!
  7. Goose! Put: I am very jealous of whoever gets a CB green gender fail dragon
  8. It's simple. Just make a story out of 3-4 words Sample: Guy 1: There was once a Guy 2: dragon who was cute guy 3: and it's name is Guy 4: Goldpantz! And so on and on until leaf_blaziken posts The End I'll start: Inside the cave,
  9. Welcome new students. I'm your head professor, leaf_blaziken, or leaf, or LB for short. Some stuff about me in this game 1. I collect xenos and is starting a vine collection 2. My love for cheeses started this topic 3. If trying to refer my gender, please put "it" 4. Um, starting Wings Of Fire dragon collection? I love to see how it's going. After i finish my Wings of Fire dragon collection, then I'll take back over.
  10. X2gly. Must think that it's a ugly PB tarnished copper