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11689921.pngwe, the Magis answer any PMs, as that we took over Leaf_Blaziken's PM'ing11689924.png

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    We Magis have taken over this PM'ing thing. If you want an intelligent Magi, PM us, but address this: To the Magis of Leaf_Blaziken, <messagehere>

    Please erase the <messagehere> part. Every few days, we are on strike for food, so stuff may be delayed. Check out our cool lineage thing we made! Vinegar Lineage: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=173223&st=0&#entry9104851
    Please help us Take over DC Fourms and the actual game!
    We also want people to know that we dont want people overfeeding our magi babies, and others too. This causes Leaf_Blaziken an outrage, and so does outrage SilverrTail too. Please note that we hate the color red.

    - The Magis, OrangeOrnament & MagiKlaw.
    Stuff: DragonLotto ticket Reciept: 71250497