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  1. Amiibo's are nothing short of brutal. The projectile spam from my Link and then the two-hit foward smash to finish me off is devastating
  2. Oh sorry about that I went and fixed it, I'ma go reread over the rules haha what is that thing in your sig Spirit with the 15%? Also Fortune if you need Christmas hype nothing gets it going like some Mariah Carey haha
  3. Hey everyone! haha getting high on christmas spirit Edit : Oh godamn it haha I ought refresh pages before I post, there was like 3 more messages
  4. Looking for a mentor being mentored by purpledragonclaw
  5. Glewis

    Final Fantasy

    I've been reading about the coop "To use multiplayer mode, go to the config screen and change it from single to multi, then hit A and assign characters to the controlers. It only works for battles though, not the regular gameplay." It makes it so that in battle a second controller can control some of the characters, so you split the party across the controllers And uhh i guess I prefer real time, though I don't mind either, good to know about the non interlocking stories guys
  6. Haven't played since Wild World. Good times, I'll probably pick up New Leaf after christmas
  7. I'm on my macbook pro running windows 10 virtual machine ayy lmao
  8. 10-10 haha believe it... (please nobody understand the joke)
  9. Oh hey guys what is this thread... Oh did I just... Oh. 9481. Whoops.
  10. Nah I've done a bit for my girl and my brother TPBM likes tinned pineapple.
  11. Uhh probably Spyro from the first game because he just sounds his age, and the voice acting I believe was a little cheesy but loveable nonetheless, and I enjoyed that game so much.
  12. Glewis

    Final Fantasy

    Hey FF fans, I'm new to the franchise and I got a question if someone could help me out. Is FF IV a good game to start with? I'm planning on using that split party thing where some characters are controlled by P2 as well. P.S. I've played Bravely Default I don't think most of the concepts will be new to me, I was just more worreid storyline wise as in not jumping in at number 4
  13. Well now that I gotta redownload LoL on bloody 25kbps speed, I gave up on that so I just play Inotia 4 and Punch Quest on my phone haha, but I found bloody Kid Icarus Uprising today after losing it for over a year, so I'll probably grind hard on that tomorrow too though.
  14. Pineapple. Hands down. Cant get enough
  15. Glewis


    I (think I've) nearly finished the last boss in genocide (dont wanna spoil stuff for anyone) I made it to the end of the part where your moving from left to right in his special move and died just afterwards, I think I'm really close...
  16. Playing dagger stealth characters in Skyrim was just broken once you got the muplicative damage on daggers from behind perk, forgive me if I'm wrong but I think it is x16 or x32, its kinda dumb. Also gotta love that double Blades of Woe glitch, mostly just because they look cool
  17. 15 (14/16 depending where you live) days till Christmas jeez we're getting so close now
  18. Ayy second post and it makes sense because I'm here to post: Two