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    Caleb Brewster's boat
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    I'm Hazel. Any pronouns. I like theater, Nintendo games, history, writing, Star Wars, poetry, playing guitar, photography, and stalking the DC forums.

    PM me if you like any or all of the above, or if any of my dragons strike your fancy. I love to chat, and I try to be friendly enough.

    See me doing something terribly? I recently came out of a hiatus, and I need some help. I know I'm cringy. Again, just PM me and tell me what I'm screwing up. Please. I need it.


    Priorities are *starred*. CBs, PBs, or other nice lineages are preferred if it's not stated, but I will trade for anything. I don't care about lineages like some people do for the particularly rare dragons, so inbreed me something if you want to. Don't be afraid to PM or ask for what I've got on my scroll. I'll love you forever.

    I don't like IOUs, but if you're a good negotiator, then I might soften up a little.

    *Dragons released since July 2016 (I've been away from the site since then)

    *Sunrises, Sunsets, Sunsongs, Crimson Flare Pygmies, and Nilia Pygmies

    *Avatars of Destruction

    *2G Mageia Xenowyrm from male Spessartine Pyralspite

    *2G Silver from female Chrono Xenowyrm

    *4G Terrae from Rosebud

    *Specklethroats with pretty lineages

    *Bronze prize dragons

    *Aeon Wyverns

    Metals (except Golden Wyverns)

    Astrapi, Gaia, and Thalassa Xenowyrms

    Black, Vine, and Undine alts

    Dinos or Papers

    NDs (I can dream, right?)