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They/them/theirs <33 || Squadies here!zfUc4zZ.pngtW0eJK6.pngnw9eW9b.png5PJivs7.pngPBCvi1D.pngHKVtGq9.png


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    Not Telling
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    The depths of my own insanity.
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    They/them is preferred, but she/her is... acceptable (sort of xD) :3


    -Black dragon alt
    -All the dinos ;3 (Except yellow)
    -Chicken! Bawk bawk!
    -Dark green dragon alt
    -Gold dragon >w<
    -Leetle tree ouo (I know people can't get this for me... xD)
    -Neglected. Of course.
    -Paper dragon \o\ /o/
    -More undead babies <333 (I have one at the moment.)
    -Undine dragon alt

    I don't really want pretty lineages, I just want more dragons. <333

    Dragons I love:
    -Pygmies ;w; (The regular ones. My first dragon was a pygmy, so I'm attached to them >w<)
    -Other pygmies!
    -Aegis enraged (Ahhh so cool ;w;)
    -Desipis (Particularly Pethaino)
    -Avatars (Not because they're rare, just because their designs are fabulous)
    -Christmas dragons (Because Christmas is my favourite holiday of all freaking time)
    -Halloween dragons (They're adorable/beautiful/cool/amazing/etc.)
    -Pillow (THEY'RE SO FLUFFY)
    -Vampires (I have FIVE ovo)
    -Paper, cheese, chickens, etc. (The hilarity is just too much xD)

    Dragons I like (Not love):

    -Antarean (SO PRETTY)
    -Balloon (ahhhh xD so funny)
    -Monarch (Really pretty designs)
    -Valentine dragons (They're pretty and all... But Valentine's day is scary xD)
    -Whites (Such a beautiful design...)

    Please call me yip, yipyip, Esmerelda, Essa, Esme, Es, Katherine, Kat, or Kitty. ;w;