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  1. Hehe I knew it was going to be tonight!
  2. It's my favorite pygmy so I'll gladly jump at the chance for Spriter Alt kin egg. Thanks!
  3. Very nice lineage, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the pretty Egg! I'll name it regardless of its color so dw
  5. Free messy Gold Wyvern hatchling
  6. Two alt fails. Please name! Three more looking for a home! All gone; enjoy
  7. As you already know, I took him. Thanks!
  8. thank you for the Ice very much
  9. Thanks! I may have to try and continue this hybrid fail line myself
  10. Inbred splash with nice lineage Claim my eggs/hatchlings! I'm hoping it goes to a welcoming home
  11. They will be very appreciated on my scroll. Thanks!
  12. I instinctively grabbed a CB Silver close to hatching as soon as I clicked on the AP today https://dragcave.net/lineage/K1yj5 😰 Kind of in shock but if anybody accidentally abandoned it, I'll be willing to return it if there's proof of possession. I'm kinda shaking haha
  13. Was just about to go to bed! Glad I stayed on
  14. Couldn't help myself! Too pretty; thanks
  15. Took this pretty one; thank you!
  16. 3 Dark Green Alt Fails I would appreciate a follow up 😄
  17. Took these two! I'll be sure to work on a mate for the bottom
  18. Took the Holly x Daydream, thanks @rinoa26 Took the first one, thanks @Dirtytabs
  19. Couldn't help taking both! So pretty
  20. 4G White x TriColor Snow Angel I don't have TriColor otherwise I would keep Hopefully can go to a TriColor Scroll please