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My Scroll Name is PootisLooti

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    Hello there! I've taken multiple hiatuses for my studies, but I'll pop in once and a while. My past username was Looti if you don't recognize the account. I'm pretty quiet now as far as forum activity, so I'm sorry if I forgot about some trading/gifting obligations I had in the past.
    Surprise Gifters:

    -JaneMcAsh - 2x 6G Moonstone from Silver (RG8Tx) & (xvl4X) - 7/26/18
    -LadyLyzar - CB Gold (u1TkL) - 7/27/18
    -Montre - 3G Bronze Tinzel (Rcn87) - 7/29/18

    Wealth, fame, power. The man who had acquired everything in the world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger. The final words that were said at his execution sent the people to the seas.

    Gold Roger: "My wealth and treasure? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all at that place!"

    Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line. The world now enters a Great Age of Pirates!
    I am IOU friendly.
    IOU List:
    -Seahorse: Owe Silver from 4G Silver x Moonstone Checker 7/17/18
    My Scroll Lore:
    The Abssyal Wake is the home of all my Dragons and such Creatures. It is situated inside a canyon in the middle of Lake Eremorera. There is a vast array of holes in the side of the canyon acting as homes for the Dragons. The Six original Dragons raised by myself help develop the Wake. The Six are honored with special homes. I myself reside in a small stone house located on a spike protruding from the side of the Wake.

    Lake Eremorea is surrounded by the Village of Eremorea. My Dragons help keep the peace in this farming town. The Villagers are a bit fearful of me, but a few of my friends such as Vengim Ganaka, an Ornithologist, are very respectful of my position as the Dragon Caretaker and the only Tiefling in the Village.
    Missed CB Coppers: 1 (6/13/20)
    Missed CB Silvers: 2 (2nd: 7/21/18)
    Missed CB Golds: 0
    Thanks for visiting! Be sure to check out my scroll if you want to get to know my dragons. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶