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  1. I want to participate! Username: jestertheproxy Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/jestertheproxy Clan: Capulet Preferred Method of Contact: Forum account messaging. I don't have a vampire dragon yet, any chance someone can try to bite one of my eggs? Preferably the deep sea. Because I really want to participate!
  2. Username: jestertheproxy Name: Rippling Bay (Ripple) Gender: Male Type/Breed: Coastal waverunner Power: Control of the ocean Personality: Playful, Kind, Loyal, Stubborn, Brave Appearance: Black scales with pale blue tips on wings and head crest, green eyes. Age/Stage: Newly hatched (2 years) History: One of Ripple's parents was a Waverunner, the other a Deepsea. It gave him remarkable powers over the ocean and his darker coloring. Extra: He is very clever and agile Username: jestertheproxy Name: Shining Moonbeams (Moonbeam) Gender: Female Type/Breed: Tri horn Wyvern Power: The ability to control light Personality: Clever, Agile, Kind, Playful, Loyal, Stubborn Appearance: Very reflective scales with a silvery hue. Age/Stage: Newly hatched (2 years) History: Moonbeam was born on the longest day of the year. The sun beat down on her egg almost overheating her. She instead quickly evolved reflective scales so the light wouldn't effect her as much, and then was born. Extra: She plays pranks occasionally Username: jestertheproxy Name: Sunbeam Glow (Glow) Gender: Female Type/Breed: Lumina dragon Power: The ability to control weather near her Personality: Kind, Clever, Playful, Joyous, Humorous. Appearance: She is Yellow with amber markings. Age/Stage: Newly hatched (2 Years) History: She was stolen then thrown in a Volcano to die. The Volcano strengthened her, made her used to climate. When it erupted she was thrown into the Alpines making her used to the cold as well. She was found and hatched and now bears beautiful colors and control over the climate. Extra: Her mood effects the climate around her. If she is in a quiet fury its a blizzard around her, If shes mad its really hot. Hope I get accepted!