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    Z Project

    I got a z coded egg, I kind of wanted to keep it but figured it could go to the z project. It's of an interesting lineage, slightly messy but oh well. If I could have any celestial egg or hatchie in exchange I would be happy Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. I did my 1st summon right after Christmas and got it I have been summening since then and not gotten another one
  3. Wow. I like this idea, I am also glad that I saw this because I did not know about the filters on peoples own scrolls. Shows how observant I am .
  4. I got making a murder from the Netflix documentary.
  5. Soggy. We got snow on Friday but now it's back to plain old rain. Please snow more!
  6. I set them loose in town... They were pushing me around to show their thanks.
  7. -Luxa-

    Z Project

    Two bred Zs for donation. Codes: 1: ZcR3x 2: Z31OE Link: http://dragcave.net/teleport/80c9d19306d4d...a7a452d7b1438d7 Please let me know when picked up. (and very sorry, I think one of them is sick)