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  1. Question: How did TJ'a eggs hatch so fast? It's only been 14 hours, and the minimum time to hatch including incubation is 2 days afaik.
  2. Leviathan wondered what this strange new thing was. It drifted over and cautiously enveloped part of the thing, feeling it out and digesting part of it in order to see what exactly the thing was. Oh wow that was pathetic. Eh, too tired to put in more effort. Sorry for the one-liner.
  3. I got a Bronze Tinsel from the AP and it has a beautiful staircase lineage with CB Mistletoes. I joined in late 2015. I think you can see the problem. I obviously also don't have any CB Hollies (as cool of a reversal that would make). Not quite sure what to do with this pretty. Any advice?
  4. As Leviathan incorporated the new mass into its body, it felt a strange sensation that could be described as... fullness. Leviathan slid off of the pile of things onto a soft, grainy thing made of lots of tiny, round, inorganic things. As Leviathan slid across the things, it realized the things spread out for a great while. Leviathan kept sliding, trying to find the end of the inorganic round things, but could not. Suddenly, a jarring sensation swept over Leviathan as it was surrounded with something... wet. And salty. Leviathan realized that a great change had overcome its location, and that
  5. Gift Report mintycookie29 -> The_Serpent Breed egg/hatchling of the gift: Golden Wyvern x2 Lineage Link of the gift: http://dragcave.net/lineage/roJu8 and http://dragcave.net/lineage/fkw1R
  6. In release threads and such, users often post lineage / mating views of two breeds without actually using their dragons. How is it possible to get these?
  7. The slime slid out of the hard, inorganic thing that confined it into the open pile of many different things. Some things were hard and inorganic and some things were soft and inorganic. A few things were really thin and felt inorganic but had tiny organic stuff spread over them. The slime made a primitive decision in its tiny neural network and glopped over the pile until it found a soft, thin organic thing with hard strips of organic stuff running through the middle of the thing. The thing tasted very salty. The slime enveloped the many thin layers of the thing and absorbed it.
  8. Hi! My name is The_Serpent, and I'm a dragon hoarder Scroll Name and Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof that you read the rules: Ottoman What list(s) do you want to be on? Golden Wyvern Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? Uhhh, I'd like to hit 100 eventually but obviously that's not gonna be for a while. Right now I have 5 including my egg. Other notes to say to your breeders: If you could give me purebreds that would be great but that's just prima donna me wanting special lineages. Other than that, will freeze messy
  9. I have created a monster. Devil confirm imo
  10. This lovely Copper has a mirror image code. Not a palindrome, but even better.
  11. As Lucille and Rotom dashed further into the jungle, Lucille felt her shoes grow strangely sticky and slippery. A peculiar wet feeling was beginning to seep into her feet. She paused and looked down, seeing a juicy blue paste spread across her shoes. "Rotom, do you know what this is?" she asked. Rotom bobbed its head up and down excitedly, and flew over to a bush, shaking vigorously. "Yes, Rotom, I know, this place has lots of bushes. What are you... wait." Lucille paused and looked at the bush more carefully. She tilted her head to the side and shook it. A bunch of Rawst Berries poured o
  12. As the shrill hunting screech of the Gligar ricocheted against Lucille's ears, she spun around and saw it descend. "Rotom! Will-O-Wisp!" shouted Lucille, urgently trying to weaken the Gligar so it couldn't do much harm. Rotom obliged, hovering out of the way of Gligar's attack, and as it spun around, summoning occult purple flames that spun around Gligar. As the attack connected, Gligar would be afflicted with severe burns, hampering its attack. ((If I can't do two attacks in one post, ignore this. I'll just repost it.)) Lucille looked at Rotom and nodded, preparing a combo attack.
  13. Lucille, leaning against the trunk of the palm tree, stared at the water and sea serpents - which seemed to look distinctly like Gyarados - before deciding that a fight there would be costly and dangerous. On the other hand, a vantage point would offer a distinct advantage. If only there was a clear path... It seemed more and more like they would have to fight their way through the jungle if they wanted to make it anywhere in a timely fashion. Lucille got to her feet and ripped off a leaf of the palm tree, preparing for a long hike. "Come on, Rotom. We need to find the highest point of th
  14. I, The_Serpent, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  15. ((Rotom is level 52.)) Lucille felt a dull pain in the back of her head as she forced her eyes open. A wet sensation was enveloping her feet, and she felt exhausted and slightly hungry and thirsty. She rubbed her eyes and gazed up at the harsh sunlight - and then immediately regretted it. Her headache grew worse, and she ripped off her jacket and covered her eyes with it for a few moments before adjusting to the light. She tied the jacket around her waist to keep cool. Lucille pried herself off of the sand and looked around, puzzled. "Where... where am I?" she wondered out loud. Had
  16. Character name: Lucille Age: 18 Gender: Female Appearance: 5'6'', she has pale skin, long, very dark brown hair, and glasses. She is thin and looks like she doesn't get outdoors too often, and there are often bags under her eyes. She always wears a black jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans, and casual tennis shoes. Personality: Lucille is reserved and cynical, often preferring to observe from a distance rather than join in. She maintains a cool facade from the world in order to keep her emotions hidden. However, if you can get her to open up, she can be very friendly and outgoing.
  17. Confirming predictions, caught a Bronze egg yesterday.