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Time zone: GMT + 5:30 hrs. English is not my native language.

My Holiday checkers: Valentine | Halloween | Christmas

My CB Bronze Shimmer (Kotal Kahn) is CLOSED for new requests.

Dead eggs on my scroll are failed bites or ND attempts. IOUs considered on a case-by-case basis.

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    IOUs I owe

    2G Bronze Shimmer x f Pitfire - tjenni

    IOUs owed to me

    None ATM

    Requests I've made for next Halloween

    Desipis from 3G m Desipis x f Celestial - Spiteful Crow

    CB common/uncommon hatchies wishlist for scroll completion goals (updated 6th Dec 2020)

    Black-Capped Teimarr 1 M, 2 F
    Bleeding Moon 2 F
    Blue-Banded 1 F
    Cassare 1 M, 2 F
    Crystalline 1 M
    Daydream 1 F
    Lumina (Bright) 1 F
    Luminox 1 M
    Nhiostrife 1 M
    Pillow 1 M, 1 F
    Plated Colossus 1 M, 1 F
    Royal Blue 1 M
    Sandwaste 1 M, 1 F
    Spinel 1 M, 1 F
    Stone 1 M
    Striped 1 M, 1 F
    Striped River 1 M, 1 F

    Mystic_Halo - for my very first 2G Gold, Ice, spriter's alt Rosebud and SA Radiant Angel.
    StormBirdRising - for my first Xenowyrms.
    Nightwalkerkey - for my first 3G Prize.
    Everyone who has gifted me something.
    Everyone who's influenced anything for me.