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aleena_.png"I'll help however I can, if I can. Just ask. Please don't be disappointed if I can't help you just yet." I accept reasonable IOU's. If there's a good reason behind the IOU, such as, You're Egglocked, you're on CD for breeding, whatever. So long as it's not abused and I actually get the Egg/Hatchie I'm owed within 2 weeks, I'll accept an IOU.QVkOXff.gif

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    Thallassa, Pyro, Mageia and Gaia Xenowyrms.
    Halloween Specials (Missed them),
    Leetle Tree
    Day/Night Glory Drake
    BSA Dragons (Magi, Red, Pink, Vampire...)
    I'm not picky, just some cool-looking dragon that's either beautiful or just plain awesome-looking.

    Also, I enjoy helping others, so if I can, I'll help with whatever I can. I know I can't help with everything and that's okay. There will be times that I cannot help.

    I will breed whatever's on my scroll. Just ask! If you can't find my scroll, PM me and I'll give you the link. Note I'm not the most experienced DC player so stuff like lineages, inbreds and whatnot are probably not going to happen. Maybe in the future I will be able to.