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  1. Grabbed up some of you waterhorses! Nice babs. I always use the surname/forename for every dragon if thee parents have them, haha.
  2. Very disappointed I couldn't grab a single one of these. :/ Oh well
  3. P. Sure I just missed the new release Now I feel angry :/
  4. Thanks for the lovely pair, breeder!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/Bpwjs http://dragcave.net/lineage/OAR6Q
  5. Tj perhaps you should italicize the this post has been edited by part? Idk if ipthats easy to do but it seems kinda odd that it just blends in with the actual text Love the update anyway
  6. Here in Oklahoma, the most common pokemon that I've caught are this: Pidgey:60+ Ratatta: 60+ Venonat: 30-40. Doduo: 20-30 Caterpie and weedle: 10 or so. While you people say you have drowzees/etc so much.. Drowzee: 0. Spearow: 3 Growlithe:1 Oddish:8 Ponyta: 1
  7. OHMYHHHH Silver Shim+These guys would be so fab omgggg
  8. I remember seeing a wyvern zombie on someone's scroll. I was confused o.o Anyways, yay for gen count!!
  9. Anyone like apparel? I'd prefer if someone tried picking off of what I already have, but I'm okay with small orders as well http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/ibaz/1942199
  10. I want a second gen from the solstice sprites alts x.x too bad the spriter probably isn't active. Soooo prettyyy
  11. ... Woah http://dragcave.net/lineage/K3hcu
  12. Something shiny Or preferably something amazing like a rare hybrid.
  13. You go beg TJ or the spriter. Cry harder if they say no Why don't I get a cave born holly?
  14. -sits here with my cup of tea after watching exactly 5 min of that infamous video circulating the internet- Y'all are bonkers
  15. Looking forward to the next huge massbreed The ap time is too high for me D:
  16. Hugeee bump , although I'm certain someone else would have posted here after awhile.. But seriously this is getting silly. Someone is removing my scroll from ANY hatchery I use. I even tried one I've never used before , Egg drop soup, and bam, not 30 minutes later someone removed it. This is getting stressful as Im running a big IOU rn, which requires hatchies. Can't get hatchies if someone is friggen removing eggs after they get like 20 views -.- Whoever is doing this, if you are reading this, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT IM ANGRY >
  17. Picked up a CB Paper and Pyro Xeno Hoping someone would be able to trade me maybe 3-4 CB commons in exchange, from a list. Nope, ain't gonna happen. You want your rare egg for my commons? Lolno. So I guess I have some more CB rares I don't really need..
  18. Oh boy. If you peel a banana near me.. Ugh. I can't STAND bananas. I normally start blushing horribly for no reason/ I get really red if I smell that horrid smell of bananas. I'm not allergic, I just for some reason despise them. I hate being in crowded areas. Especially if someone there talks way way way too much... I have a mild fear of large rocks ( I mean like, rocks that weigh like 300+ pounds) in water. I'm not sure why but I cringe when I see it :/
  19. Caught a CB paper , I was so surprised! I clicked into the desert , saw it, and was like.. Nope nothing here. Clicks into coast, and is like ONONO I just missed a paper , went back to the desert, and it was still there. Then I click to the volcano, and boom, pyro Xeno. Goodbye, not-being-scrollocked.
  20. Never ^^ Not interested in zombies, I've bitten multiple eggs without any dying, And I am glad to say I didn't kill any on purpose/accident Yet
  21. Congrats guys! *Stares enviously at the shiny badges* °^°
  22. That silver is mine! it was a messy lineage but I was just so happy back when I joined cause I thought it was nice
  23. http://dragcave.net/lineage/mXni0 Oh my god thank you breeder this is so pretty , and it TURNED RIGHT