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~~~My Scroll~~~DC Member since 2008~~~ ] Ovxpqcj.jpg

*Scroll Note: Dead eggs are failed Vampire bites, and Dead dragons are zombies!


Current Seeking: 


CBs: M split, M spitfire, metallics.(any) Lunar Herald (any), ALT black,

Freezebait: M/F Almerald, M Antarean, S1/M Aria, S1/M/F Green Baikala, S1/M Blue Baikala ,F Bauta, F Black Tea, M Bleeding Moon, S1/F Blusang Lindwyrm, F Bolt, F Brimstone, M/F Brute, F Carina, .workinprogress....M Spinel (green), S1/F Tatterwing,

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    Central Florida, USA
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    Wishlist: Neglected! (Don't have one)
    freezebait for any new releases.
    Xenos - any CB egg, or freezebait hatchie.
    Seasonal Summer: Need a CB Male
    Zyu: any freezebait.
    Firegem: freezebait: Red: need F, Green: need all

    scroll goal: 4 CB* of every dragon type (2M/2F), and 3 frozen: one ungendered (S1) and one each gendered hatchies (S2)
    * hybrids: 2G, unbreedables: 2 adults.*
    "Complete" group on scroll = dragon types DONE! so if it's NOT there... I need something....

    2nd account. See linky above for original account (lost pw)