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  1. There is a 1% chance of turning an egg into a Guardian of Nature. But it isn't worth it since a Guardian of Nature is pretty common. What do trophies do?
  2. Put it in the microwave of course! What does the "splash" action on the shallow water dragon do?
  3. It means you got a neglected dragon! That means you are the most terrible at raising eggs out of all the players! Since no one else was that evil, you will be one of the first to get a neglected! Just wait a full year! Or you use a fuser. Link to what you do next:Post Link to how to get a fuser: Post
  4. MariotheLucifer fuse with loser
  5. If they don't breed they can't breed again, so I recommend that you should put them in a fuser, because it is very rare for two dragons to not breed, and when you fuse two dragons that you have tried to breed with and they don't breed, then you get a neglected dragon egg. (If you were wondering that's the only way to get a neglected.) I'm too lazy to show you the link to how to get a fuser so find it on this thread yourself. Help!!! I've been posting my eggs on other types of social media but so far my egg only has 56 unique views and it's about to die!!! Do you know any way to get unique views and views quickly!!!
  6. You can only get it during Halloween Steps: First, go trick-or-treating on every door you can find. If you are lucky, the person might have licorice brand licorice which is the actual name not the brand name. Go scan the QR code on it to dragon cave, because TJ owns Licorice brand licorice brand licorice and you should get the egg When I go to get a dragon egg, it is still black with a question mark even though I already got the breed of egg before, how do I fix it?
  7. Granted. But the wish didn't know what you meant by we so It only granted it for me and you. Then everyone else got jealous and started beating you up I wish I had a mansion
  8. Granted. But you find a pair of socks and take it. Then someone caught you and those socks was an ancient artifact that had been found by your favorite musician and now you are in jail. Also, your favorite musician finds you to be the most disgusting and horrible person on the entire planet. I wish I was famous
  9. Granted! But you are forced to work, 24/7, for the rest of your life. I wish that I was the president of the united states
  10. I'm kind of new to the site, how long does it usually take for an admin to approve your leetle?
  11. What the title says. So what do you think of vegetables? I think they are pretty tasty.
  12. Once I had a dream that even though it wasn't snowing in my street, the street near my street was snowing.
  13. I need some advice on what dragons I should get next. Whatever dragons you want. It's your scroll. However, past Valentine dragons are only around for a week, so grab them now if you want any. Please leave cave questions in the Help section or, if appropriate, Site Discussion.
  14. Granted, but there was a pillow dragon in Jolly Follies, and pillow dragons are kind of yellow, and gold looks similar to yellow..., and finally, Jolly Follies is not on DC anymore.., so, you got a dozen purple dogs instead. I wish I had a Guardian of Nature.
  15. BANNED! for choosing an avatar from the gallery, only I can do that.
  16. Cause if you have more than 100 eggs all of those eggs will go into your fuse bank for your fuser, which is one of the reasons why you should never grab more than 100 eggs. If you haven't gotten your fuser yet, here's a guide on how to get a fuser: Guide on how to get a fuser and how to make an Aegis dragon happy again How do I capture something in DC like the bread in my sig