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  1. Does the dragon drop at midnight tonight, or tomorrow?
  2. Is there a way to rotate things?
  3. The new eggs drop at midnight, right?
  4. Is it possible to get rid of dead eggs?
  5. If you get an item, but have to refresh or reset your location before your progress was saved, do you have another chance to get that item?
  6. I need someone to incubate this egg! Forum Name: GuardianofBelief Scroll Name and Link: GuardianofBelief PM Link: PM Incubate Subject's Link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Vm6ao Have you read all the rules?: yes Who is incubating for you?: N/A
  7. So, how are we supposed to know when we're done for the day?
  8. I found Bord, but I can't talk to him!
  9. Where is Bord hiding?! I checked behind the orange banana tree, behind the houses, and behind the pillars, but I still can't find him! *groans in frustration*
  10. How'd you get the cats? Also, I can't talk to the dragon to use the teleporter.
  11. Where's the hide and seek dragon hiding?
  12. The only kid I found just said "That dragon up ahead won't let anyone get by."
  13. I never seem to be in the biomes when the new eggs are there. T_T
  14. Book Number: 36 Number Of Pages: 186 Book Title: Tales of the Great Beasts (Spirit Animals Special Edition) Author: Brandon Mull and others Summary: Briggan the Wolf, Uraza the Leopard, Jhi the Panda, and Essix the Falcon--the Four Fallen. Long before they were spirit animals, they roamed the wilds as Great Beasts, the most powerful beings in Erdas. When a mad king arose, the four banded together with an army of humans and animals to defeat him. But they weren't the only Great Beasts in the war. A deadly scheme was already underway, hatched by two of their own. To save their world, the four had to give up their lives. These are the lost stories of the most selfless acts of bravery that Erdas has ever seen, and the secret betrayal that started it all. These are TALES OF THE GREAT BEASTS. Rating: 5/5 Review: N/A
  15. Where's the best place to find the new eggs? I can't find them anywhere!
  16. Book Number: 31 Number Of Pages: 187 Book Title: Rise And Fall (Spirit Animals Book 6) Author: Eliot Schrefer Summary: Deep in the desert there sits a beautiful oasis, ruled by a monarch unlike any other in Erdas. His name is Cabaro, the Great Lion, and he reigns over a kingdom of animals, jealously guarding his golden talisman. No human has ever set foot in the Great Beast's territory. The journey to his oasis is impossible. As a team, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have achieved the impossible before. But now that team is broken-the friends scattered by a devastating betrayal. The young heroes and their spirit animals have already sacrificed much in their quest for the talismans. But with the world crumbling all around them-and a ruthless enemy opposing their every move-their greatest sacrifices are yet to come. Rating: 5/5 Review: N/A Book Number: 32 Number Of Pages: 188 Book Title: The Evertree (Spirit Animals Book 7) Author: Marie Lu Summary: Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan were once ordinary kids. Then they discovered that they had spirit animals--wise and powerful partners who granted them with amazing gifts...and a legendary responsibility. The team has journeyed across Erdas, racing to stop a merciless foe. They have laughed and fought together. They've won challenges and lost friends. Some have even lost themselves. Now that journey is about to end. They much reach a place forgotten by time and face off against an ancient enemy breaking free from his prison. They have just one chance to stop him...or the whole world will shatter. Rating: 5/5 Review: N/A Book Number: 33 Number Of Pages: 183 Book Title: Tales of the Fallen Beasts (Spirit Animals Special Edition) Author: Brandon Mull and others Summary: All across the world, legends are appearing. Great Beasts -- once the most powerful beings in Erdas--are being summoned as spirit animals. Bonded to special kids, they unite the human and animal worlds. But a mysterious stranger is hunting these legends, just as they are reborn, and he's crushing anyone who stands in his way. These are the stories of those stolen legends, and of the young heroes who will stop at nothing to get them back. These are the Tales of the Fallen Beasts. Rating: 5/5 Review: N/A Book Number: 34 Number Of Pages: 183 Book Title: Immortal Guardians (Spirit Animals--Fall of the Beasts Book 1) Author: Eliot Schrefer Summary: In the world of Erdas, every child must discover if they will summon a spirit animal, a rare and incredible gift. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan were rare even among those few. They summoned four animals who were once Great Beasts, immortal guardians who sacrificed everything to end a brutal war. Now, in the wake of that sacrifice, more special children are appearing all across Erdas who are connected to these legendary beings. But something else lurks in the shadows of this hard-won peace. A dark force is hunting the Great Beasts, just as the world is rebuilding. Older and more powerful than even the Great Beasts themselves, it has slept for centuries beneath the surface of the world. Now it has awakened...and if the young heroes can't stop it, it will consume everything. Rating: 5/5 Review: N/A Book Number: 35 Number Of Pages: 186 Book Title: Broken Ground (Spirit Animals--Fall of the Beasts Book 2) Author: Victoria Schwab Summary:Something ancient and evil has awoken from beneath the world of Erdas. Shrouded in shadow and older than memory, just a sliver of its power can destroy with a touch. Even the spirit animal bond, the sacred link between humans and animals that keeps Erdas in balance, is under threat. Four young heroes, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan, are determined to stop it. Together with their spirit animals, they embark on a desperate journey that takes them deep underground and to the far corners of the world. As friends and allies fall around them, the four have no choice but to push forward and confront this darkness. If they stop to look back, they'll see the truth: Evil already has them surrounded. Rating: 5/5 Review N/A