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  1. Where are the hatchies? I'd love to see them, but there's nothing in the Currently Being Released page, which is weird to me...
  2. oooOOOO!!!! Of course I'm not going to compete with everyone trying to shove into the cave at once - too hard - so I don't have any new eggs yet, but in a few days I will! Will the Arias and Frilled Dragons have a period of being more common? I really want an Arias especially; they look so pretty and the name is beautiful as well. But just... yesyesyesYESYESYES!!! This is so exciting I can't even handle it aaaaa...
  3. Yess, that's what I was going to say! I mean, I guess it would be hard if they did a mass release, but at least release a few and then start some kind of schedule to get a bunch out. That'd be amazing. Also a faerie dragon would be nice; if they did what the creator if this thread suggested, they could have one from each type and then a faerie. Hmm, I agree, I'd like all of these! (I'm very new so obviously wouldn't qualify for the rewards for older players though )
  4. Do they really pop up in random spots? I've 3 so far, and all of them were found at the bottom of the main page... perhaps I'm not looking well enough? (also there's fandom eggs? there MUST be an LotR egg at some point, pleasepleaseplease)
  5. Happy Easter! Wow, how have people found so many eggs already? Constant refreshing? How long does it usually take? I'm going to get really bored trying, but I do love collecting things so I hope I get a decent amount ^u^
  6. Ohh, there are so many - just discovering this list now! This is actually sort of going to annoy me because I so want some of them... Here is my huge list of favorites: - Unicorn dragons - Grace dragons - Blueflame dragons - Mirror dragons - Majestic Moon dragons - Phos dragons - Pygmy Glass dragons - Opal Dragons (I... j-just... speechless) - Porcelain dragons - Faerie dragons (Anything faery? Yes please! And I love dragons with different variations to collect) - Blue Rose dragons - Mithril dragons (I know, I know, I should be all mad because everyone uses mithril nowadays... but... shiny silver dragons! With magic!) - Stardust dragons - Aero dragons Anyone know any pretty, delicate/graceful type dragons that I missed?
  7. Yes!!! I second The Phantom Tollbooth suggestion!!! I reread that book regularly, sooo good....
  8. If you think the movies ruined LotR, do NOT watch The Hobbit. I loved the LotR movies (though yeah, in places P.J. seemed to be more focused on looking cool and showing off Legolas's overpowered-ness than telling the story correctly) but I haven't yet seen Hobbit and honestly I don't really want to. Yes there are good parts, Smaug for example, and maybe some day I'll watch it just for those and for Bilbo who's perfectly cast, but... but... Tauriel... Legolas... the love triangle... Kili not even looking like a dwarf... the love triangle... over-dramatization and ridiculous stretching of the books... THE LOVE TRIANGLE... But I agree, LotR is the best fantasy book ever written in mu opinion, certainly the best one I've ever read ^u^
  9. Oooo, good for you! I don't know how to write Tengwar (and apparently it was actually a bad choice of language appearance since the letters all look similar) but I should probably learn... I know a few Sindarin words...? Probably not pronouncing them right though
  10. Ohh, I've had so many weird dreams. I write them down now... Here's one (Jayme's my cousin and Willowpaw is what I call my sister, and TOPBOGIMFL is the best fandom in the world) I dreamed Jayme and I were going on this thing where we went in these wing suits, I guess, and flew across the ocean to another spot. Willowpaw wasn't coming; she and Mom were going to the other spot by another method. The dream started out with Jayme. I think Jayme must have owned all these islands and things because it was like we were at a beach house of his, but it was apparently across the ocean. I think we were flying to North Dakota and, despite there not being any guide and realistically I'd have ended up going in circles 'til I died, I was super excited and the most disappointed I've ever been when I woke up. It started with Jayme and he turned the volume up to something trillion and I got in the thing and flew over this park, swooping through trees and such not hitting anything or getting hurt. No one complained, but I figured the noise was really loud so I eventually turned it down. I had a bit of trouble flying and someone shouted up to me to use the wings like Elytra from Minecraft: dip down a bit before swooping up to keep going. So I did... I thought I was starting out but actually we had to go to this center with a bunch of instructions and stuff. It was my first time flying in a dream, anyways, ad it was fun and not a bit scary. Then we went to the instructions place and I learned Jayme would be coming with me and I said "Two TOPBOGIMFLers going on an adventure together!" We were just preparing, talking, people offering us self-designed Elven cards for wine discounts (Jayme kept saying we didn't really drink wine and they were laughing for some reason)... I injured my toe and for a moment thought I couldn't do it and was extremely disappointed. Even though we still planned to fly, I tested it out on this sort of skating rink and discovered I'd be okay. There was this other man also injured, I guess, and testing himself and I don't remember what happened to him. Then I thought I couldn't do it because there'd be no landmarks and I would not fly straight (I realized how twisty and not-straight my park flight had been), but I decided on land I'd look for a thing to fly to and then find a new one once I got to the first (and with Jayme it'd be easier because he could stand still in the air if I wanted to swoop off somewhere, and vice versa), and on the ocean I just wouldn't make any detours and would fly straight. Once I was there I was to find one of those buildings that kids go to when they've lost their parents. If I landed a state over it was fine. The people were talking about what food we'd eat and I said I thought that, over the ocean, there'd be these ships that would bring food (I remembered this as if from a previous dream, though of course it wasn't). The preparations took so long that I thought we'd be flying through the night right away, everything all dark. We were just about to go back to Jayme's to get ready and leave when I woke up. As if from an earlier dream I also remember Mom telling me I'd enjoy a (some state, I think it was Colorado) sunset and I was excited about that.
  12. "Forum Name is JolteonTails", of course! Such a beautiful name... Just kidding . I actually love, well, a lot; as usual I can't ever choose a favorite anything. Dying Stars is beautiful, as is Broken Clouds and Glowing Tulip and The Glorious Day and Twilight Sparkle Dragon, of course ... oh and pretty much all of your Lunar Herald names. Here's my scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/ErulasseAranel Sorry there's not much to choose from *^u^* I joined less than a week ago.
  13. Mmhmm, I treat them as real... I'd never kill a dragon because I do write about them and I know them all and everything... I have, however, once abandoned an egg I really didn't want because I knew I'd ignore it... so maybe not entirely like a real animal. I do try not to abandon them (it was just this one was gifted to me and I didn't want to just not accept it, but it wasn't a breed I could use in my writing or imagining and... yeah... I abandoned it :'( I do hope someone else took it) and don't intend to in future. And I do name all my dragons. As for inbreeding, if it happens to any of mine it'll be by accident.
  14. Whatever sounds pretty *^u^* I try to come up with good names, but I'm not good at naming, though I LOVE names. I think I'll start using some generators to come up with them or maybe use Elvish... I could go really unusual or pay homage to my favorite characters and I'd love to, but my dragons are my family and I need names that I can actually call them by...
  15. Like you, Original Thread Maker, I'm relaxed. I don't want many dragons because I like to imagine and write about them, so it'd be hard to handle many. I do have a wishlist and it's a goal of mine to get those dragons, but I already have many dragons I love. I want to develop the characters of these further... My goal, then, I guess, is to have a family of dragons all of which I know and love, and to have all of the dragon breeds I like.
  16. (I'm just gonna post this before reading the rest of everyone's because, if I read theirs, I'll probably be too embarrassed of my comparatively inferior "story" to even post it ) I love imagining my dragons following me around everywhere, and I imagine them really small, a foot in length at most (also I just love the idea of tiny dragons ^u^). They're basically just my companions along with some other pets I've adopted off DeviantArt and such... so sort of my adopted family. I also write about them on a Word document I have for them.
  17. Day Glory Drakes!!! They're probably actually in my top 3 all-time favorites (that aren't holiday dragons because I love so many of those...). I was sooo lucky to get one without even knowing what they were, on my first day. I imagine that if I hadn't I'd be desperately searching for one ^u^
  18. I have a list of ones I want and I may try to go for a specific egg, or check the Cave and the areas for dragons I know I'd like...
  19. I have a lot of these *^u^* I do check on my babies obsessively, I have a Word document devoted to writing about them, I consider them my family of course and am very attached to them... and probably a lot more if I looked through all of these pages.
  20. Out of these I guess a Nebula, but I think a Day Glory Drake would make a nice pet. They're really small apparently, and they're "friendly, radiant, and love the company of humans".
  21. Yes of course! That's why I love this site ^u^ I actually have a Word document for my dragons and I've made a description for one of them but I'm not sure where it is because I don't see it on my scroll (I've really wanted to see other people's descriptions too but can never seem to find them and I've looked on quite a few scrolls)...
  22. I... actually just joined a few days ago, so... My very first was a Spitfire dragon (Bluefiire). Skywing, Pillow Dragon, Day Glory Drake, and Spitfire.