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  1. Good to see you posting, Cin!! xo And... Unnamed Items 133... so, you are doing great keeping up with yours.
  2. Naming Form - Remembrance Dragon Owner: Bohem Name of Dragon: In Honor Of Elizabeth Truex Lineage URL of Dragon: Here
  3. Cinabun, Faerie - take good care of yourselves - that always comes first. erasanae, I'll have to hunt for some more for you when I'm unlocked. (:
  4. I want to report a gift! Bohem ★ Faerie_fyre ★ Eggy
  5. Very glad to help a bit. <3 Zerhai, looks like your thread will be great too! purplehaze, I think how you put the mention as an announcement works well (in the topic as well). It's to the point and not confusing at all.
  6. I want to report a new warrior! Link to new Warrior: Endurng Glimmer Anxiety Warrior
  7. Bohem

    The Count Project

    I have an update! Update: Count Pendragon bit an egg and it was lost. Dragon: Here
  8. Egg influenced! I'll PM you when "she" hatches.
  9. Take all the time you need to get things back in some order for you, Cinabun. ❥ We will be here. Also... I thought I saw someone looking for CB White eggs? Got one, and would be happy to influence and hatch. Let me know.
  10. I want to report a new warrior! Link to new Warrior: Wee Triumph Anxiety Warrior
  11. Although, I wouldn't post a teleport link... I believe it is quite fine to say you have an AW baby available to members in this thread. Just post the lineage link and mention interested parties PM you for the teleport.
  12. Allow me to introduce the lil gal Faerie gifted me... another teensy fighter... I want to report a new warrior! Link to new Warrior: Tiny Battles Anxiety Warrior And... she took a fancy to a wee gentleman... so... I want to add another pairing! Breeding Pair (link to each, male x female): A Little Light Is All We Need x Tiny Battles Anxiety Warrior Any special rules?: Please consider continuing the pattern. Their baby!
  13. I'm still here... slowly growing my pack of Brutes... it may be time for a spreadsheet thing...
  14. purplehaze, if I may also be placed on the list for an eventual egg from your Aria pair I'd sure appreciate it. xo
  15. Thank you, Faerie!! I tried my Blusang pair... no luck this go, but next week *hopes*! -snip- Looking fabulous, everyone. I want to report a new warrior! Link to new Warrior: Here
  16. No worries, lovely! So shall I. <3
  17. Woo! Thank you a bunch, Cin!! Glad you've had a good day! Going to look thru all these beautiful pairs everyone's got... I want to request an egg! Forum Name: Bohem Scroll Name (posted as a link): Bohem PM Link: PM Breeder: Faerie_fyre Breeding Pair: Not So Simple Anxiety Warrior x Small Decisions Anxiety Warrior
  18. This lil one would love a great home. PM if interested.
  19. The name is super, gigglymonkey! Forgot my .02 about the gift reports... to me, that is a confirmation the request was filled (and should be the responsibility of the breeder to post a gift report). Then, the person who received the dragon makes the new AW report. It's not really a double thing looking at it like so. And all the updater would be scanning thru for is the new reports. It is easy to forget sometimes, and I think it's good we can keep track of completed requests that way. Because we don't all keep detailed records (oh, I sooooo do(n't)... -whistles-). In short, I like all the forms.
  20. Bohem

    The Count Project

    I have an update! Update: Countess Rage Incarnate bit an egg and it's pure. Dragon: Count Pendragon
  21. Introducing (after some delay) Crushed Peppermint! Now to pick up more mintsss. And I'm totally not confuzzled in regards to the post above this one... O.o