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  1. Meat and plain dough makes a meat pie! It's a red star recipe too :D
  2. I just now accidentally abandoned a z code blue Dino 😡 I thought I clicked "Hide" because it was sick, but nope. I clicked Abandon.
  3. I had this problem a few weeks ago! I almost exclusively use mobile, so it was a bit frustrating. I decided to try and clear my cache, cookies, and saved passwords, and it's been working just fine ever since. Give that a go and let us know if it works out!
  4. Aww, my gusties turned to muskies! I feel special :') Thank you TJ! This was a pleasant surprise!
  5. Honestly, don't look at my frozen hatchlings because you'll probably track me down to kick my butt. So... Many.. Good lineages frozen.
  6. "I'm Lactose Intolerant" and "Hi Lactose Intolerant, I'm Dad" for my cheese dragons. "Furied" for my spooky glitch dragon. "God Howard" just now, in celebration of The Elder Scrolls 6. But mostly the Lactose ones Edit: New favorite! I somehow got Red Dorakeen! And it's on my Aeon to boot :')
  7. Oh, really? I could've sworn I saw a female once, but maybe that was for a special event. I'll delete my post. Thank you for letting me know!
  8. You have to have all the items safely transported across the bridge before going in, but you can only take one item at a time. It's like the old wolf-rabbit-cabbage riddle.