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  1. I have seven tattoos I've been getting them since I was 16.. maybe more than one a year.. One on each wrist, one on my leg, back of my neck, rib cage, lower back, and shoulder.. All apparently are the worst spots to get a tattoo.. It never really bothered me (:
  2. I dont have an N but I would use this name Nostcauion
  3. Currently trying to read A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
  4. Hello everyone! I'm not really sure where to start with this or how much would be over sharing but... do need a friend right now since all of mine.. disappeared? Anyways.. I got married last year (November 2014) and had to move across America to a different state (3,200 miles away) because my husband is in the military. I got the opportunity to come home and visit my family for Thanksgiving since he was able to get some leave. I had all of these people wanting to see me, wishing I didn't move, and what not messages/emails being sent to me. Well now that I'm back home no one wants anything to do with me. Its like I'm invisible. I never stopped my communication with anyone at all. Everyone knows I'm here. My family is just treating me so awful. My mom wants to steal money from me. My sister is trying to get me to buy expensive things she doesn't need. My grandmother could careless that I'm here.... I'm not really sure how to feel about it all.. I'm trying to take people's advice and move on from it and block people out.. But how can you when its your own family treating you like you're an alien being from a different world? I don't know.. how to feel really.. I guess I may be over reacting? I'm not really sure.. Its hard since I don't really have any one to talk to besides my husband and my internet 'family'..
  5. Feeling too overwhelmed with things ;w; Darn holidays..