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  1. Happy Birthday to Me!
    Scroll: Naturewatcher
    Forum name: HopeUnbroken
    Birthday: Nov 28th
    1. CB Staterae Xenowyrm
    2. 3G+ from Spriter's Alt (don't mind how long the lineage is, so long as it's neat.)
    3a. Monarch x Caligene checker (any gen, doesn't matter which one's M/F)
    3b. 3G Blusang x Falconiform (mate for him)
    4a. Any CB or pretty lineages from new-ish releases (I'm missing most breeds since 2019).
    4b. A cool rainbow lineage?


    Not sure what my favorite dragon is. I used to love Golden Wyverns, but there are so many beautiful new dragons!

  2. If people are getting PMs when they don't want to (and I have also seen some people saying how they don't want to use the trading hub because they don't want people to have their name to access their scrolls) then maybe names don't even need to be publicly attached to trades. If this was the case, then rather than an opt-in "I don't want PMs" statement there could be an opt-in to show your forum name and a generic "I accept PMs regarding trades" statement somewhere on the page once you click on a trade. Thus, no one except mods would know who was offering trades/be able to contact them if they didn't so desire. I do think the optional ability to provide a PM contact would be a useful feature, but it's also definitely far from the most urgent update needed to the hub (clear rules, pagination, etc.).


    Edit: Obviously if a user didn't have their scroll name hidden on their dragons' pages than not showing it on the trading hub wouldn't make too much of a difference but it would still not be so immediately apparent.

  3. 13 minutes ago, 49ER said:

    What about this?  This was mentioned by someone earlier but I wish to re-visit it.  

    1)  Allow for someone to put something in their account settings like "Trade Hub PM's Permitted" along with option to put their forum name in another space, or "Trade Hub PM's not Permitted", that would work like the option that players use for whether or not they allow user aid, and shows up at the bottom of the dragon's view pages.  

    2)  Then it would not show up in the Trade Hub as part of the wants in the player's trade listings, but if someone clicked on to the player's trade/teleport link page, there could be something at top or bottom of page saying whether or not the player permits forum pms or not and if so, what their forum name is.  

    3)  If the player does not wish to accept pm's later, or they do wish to accept pm's later or whatever, they can go back and change it in their account settings.


    I do not know how hard this would be to code, but I do not see how something like this violates any conflict with scroll to scroll communications,  


    The other suggestion would be to have a separate space for "Have"  --that way, posting what you have in Want space would not violate any rule pertaining to that rule.


    There still is more to be discussed about linking to groups or wishlists, and I think that should be discussed more, but I will just leave this suggestion as it is for now.


    This seems like an incredible idea to me! I often find myself wanting to PM an individual about a trade, but am very hesitant to do so because I don't want to bother them if they don't want PMs. This would immediately solve that issue and, of course, there could still be the rule (spelled out somewhere on-site hopefully) of not mentioning PMing and taking up space in the Want box - you state what you want but if someone has a question they know whether or not they should PM you.


    This would also be incredibly helpful for users such as myself whose forum name does not match their scroll name - even if it was permitted I wouldn't want to put my forum name in every trade, yet I almost always want an individual to PM me if they had a question or such, so that I don't miss out on a great offer.


    It seems to me (with what little I know) that implementing this would eliminate any "need" for any sort of direct communication onsite and relegate it to the forums (which is what they exist for) while allowing everyone an easy way to opt-out if they aren't forum users or just don't want to be bothered.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

    i have 1 egg at 3days6hours, and i'm going to keep it fogged until tomorrow afternoon when it'll be under 2 days and see what i get. I'm not sure if anyone has a lower time egg to experiment on right now, so at the latest we can see if under 2days hatches a purple, or if it has to be under 1 day if i get a blue



    I have two at 3 days 2 hrs and am also planning to wait until under 2 days to try hatching one (if that doesn't work, then under 1 for the second).

  5. I really love the Siyat sprites (all three colors - I'm not sure which is my favorite) and I'm glad I was here for such a nice release. I also think the incubation mechanic is really cool, and if I had to guess I'd say the eggs will hatch purple when under 2 days left (without incubating) but of course we just have to wait and see. I'm definitely a more casual player and I can understand how the long hatching time may be really frustrating for those who spend more time on the site, such that they might not want to use the purples, or even blues, for breeding plans. However, I also find various means of obtaining different alts/colors enjoyable (especially if it's not random) and I think it adds some beneficial variety. Tbh, I have been a bit surprised by the level of negativity in this thread over the last few days, tho I probably shouldn't have been. I guess it's because I see the new dragons as a fun bonus which no one has to bother with if they don't want to (and for scroll goals there's always trading). But like I said, there's definitely reason for my perspective to be different from others on the site and absolutely don't want to begrudge anyone their opinion.


    TL;DR: I really like the Siyats and, as a casual player, think the new mechanic for color variants is cool. Many thanks to the artist and anyone else involved! 

  6. 16 hours ago, Lady_Kilana said:

    being patient. I developed a habit of checking every half hour knowing the eggs wont hatch for two days.

    Relatable. This is me constantly.


    My to do list:

    • Name/Rename almost all my dragons
    • Work out what lineages I want to do with my Christmas dergs and find mates
    • Get 2 male and 2 female CB of most dragon breeds (except the very rare)
    • Group dragons according to type and lineage
    • Enter dragons into a spreadsheet and determine what mates I need
    • Get enough BSAs that I'm not constantly running out
    • Not take another hiatus - I've been on and off DC for seven years and I only have 300 dragons.