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  1. That's such a cool code, and a beautiful lineage as well. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the Autumn! That's a gorgeous lineage. 3G Grave x Ember Checker: Claim my egg!
  3. Halloween hatchies... 3G Grave x Bronze Lunar, 2G Deep Sea x Omen, 3G Arcana x Sunrise - 2 are ready to grow up in 9 hours 3 Caligene x Gold If you only want one or two, keep them and abandon the others or return them to the thread. I don't mind.
  4. That's such a nice code! Thank you! Thanks for the Shadow Walkers! Depending on how they gender, I might give a few back to the thread later on.
  5. I grabbed the Cavern Lurker. Thanks!
  6. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Naturewatcher Forum name: HopeUnbroken Birthday: Nov 28th List: 1. CB Staterae Xenowyrm 2. 3G+ from Spriter's Alt (don't mind how long the lineage is, so long as it's neat.) 3a. Monarch x Caligene checker (any gen, doesn't matter which one's M/F) 3b. 3G Blusang x Falconiform (mate for him) 4a. Any CB or pretty lineages from new-ish releases (I'm missing most breeds since 2019). 4b. A cool rainbow lineage? Not sure what my favorite dragon is. I used to love Golden Wyverns, but there are so many beautiful new dragons!
  7. 3G Caligene x Antarean, 2G Cavern Lurker x Red, 2G Shadow Walker x Chrono. All hatchies, genders unknown. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Nabbed the first one, thank you!
  9. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: naturewatcher Forum name: HopeUnbroken Birthday: 11/28 Revised List: 1. Any CB Metal 2. 3G from SA 3a. Aeon with a nice lineage. 3b. Blusang with nice lineage. 4a. Floret with a nice lineage. 4b. Other pretties?
  10. Ooh, this is amazing, I'll join! I like broccoli... Cooked but not too cooked.
  11. If people are getting PMs when they don't want to (and I have also seen some people saying how they don't want to use the trading hub because they don't want people to have their name to access their scrolls) then maybe names don't even need to be publicly attached to trades. If this was the case, then rather than an opt-in "I don't want PMs" statement there could be an opt-in to show your forum name and a generic "I accept PMs regarding trades" statement somewhere on the page once you click on a trade. Thus, no one except mods would know who was offering trades/be able to contact them if they
  12. This seems like an incredible idea to me! I often find myself wanting to PM an individual about a trade, but am very hesitant to do so because I don't want to bother them if they don't want PMs. This would immediately solve that issue and, of course, there could still be the rule (spelled out somewhere on-site hopefully) of not mentioning PMing and taking up space in the Want box - you state what you want but if someone has a question they know whether or not they should PM you. This would also be incredibly helpful for users such as myself whose forum name does not match their scr
  13. Sounds great, thanks for letting me know!
  14. Out of curiosity, will this be happening again in August or at some point later on?
  15. I have two at 3 days 2 hrs and am also planning to wait until under 2 days to try hatching one (if that doesn't work, then under 1 for the second).
  16. I really love the Siyat sprites (all three colors - I'm not sure which is my favorite) and I'm glad I was here for such a nice release. I also think the incubation mechanic is really cool, and if I had to guess I'd say the eggs will hatch purple when under 2 days left (without incubating) but of course we just have to wait and see. I'm definitely a more casual player and I can understand how the long hatching time may be really frustrating for those who spend more time on the site, such that they might not want to use the purples, or even blues, for breeding plans. However, I also find various
  17. Congrats to the winners and thanks to the host and donors! This was fun!
  18. Been following this thread for a while now but just now finally got around to doing some breeding. https://dragcave.net/group/63025
  19. Have: 3G PB Female Shadow Walker Want: 3G PB Male Shadow Walker (or ungendered perhaps) Offers?