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  1. My first ever Silver =O Thank you SOOO much!!! This baby will be treasured <3
  2. Great reply Lavinia!!! Good to know that those of us who have not gotten one just yet just need to be patient, keep trying and maybe wait for the hype to die down
  3. I was wondering the same thing. What does user rare mean?
  4. Are the eggs still dropping? I can't tell if the drop is over...or if the eggs are just going THAT fast that they are all gone by the time my page loads. If it's still happening....how long will they continue to drop for? I've been trying for 4 days to nab just one in the volcano, but my internet connection is super slow, so I don't stand a chance They're SOO beautiful!!!! I hope I'm able to catch one!
  5. Totally missed this release (internet was down), but happily, I have caught two eggs anyways I am totally in love with these dragons!!! The eggs are super neat!
  6. After an hour of hunting, I managed to snag 3 of each Can't wait to see how they look when grown!
  7. I wouldn't say "clear". True, if you looked at a calendar and counted the days you could figure it out. I just wish it had been listed like the other times were. For an example "Breeding starts now (00:00 on 12/19) and continues for exactly seven days, ending at 00:00 on 12/26". To me, that is crystal clear. I just wish it had been listed like that for the game as well, to avoid confusion/disappointment. But what is done is done. Maybe, next time, it will be more clear. I hope they do another game like this. It was very well done and fun! I just wish I had been able to finish it is all.
  8. I guess I just don't understand why there were specific start and end dates for other things (breeding holiday dragons and the new holiday dragon egg drop), but not for the game. If there had been a clear ending time, I think there would be a lot less disappointed players. Ah well....maybe the makers will take that into consideration for future holiday events. It really was an amazing game!!!
  9. I totally didn't even realize I was one day behind or that it was going to end So I got through the first 11, but missed the last one. I don't really care about the badge. I just wanted to finish the game and see how it ended!!!! All that work for nothing
  10. I respect, but do not understand anything about the lineages. I'd just be happy to collect a pair of each dragon someday
  11. That's a great idea!!! As long as they won't be hard to catch later on Halloween day, I'll abandon my first batch as well! I mean, why not? Is there any downside to doing this, other than having to wait a little longer for our eggs to hatch?
  12. Ok, thanks Will there be times when all the eggs are taken and the biomes are sitting empty?
  13. The drop happening in 2 hours will be my first ever holiday drop (though I've already snagged and hatched some of the previous years Halloween dragons from the AP)! So excited to see the new dragon!!! Will they drop like the lunar heralds did? That is, a few in each biome...then nothing for while...then more? Or is it a constant thing?