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  1. I really need a 3G purple X blue checker that produced a green, not related to Galaxy of Hope (on my scroll).
  2. Going to try a make a pooty tomorrow during school, just forget that I pm'ed you stella. If you want to reply go ahead. Now what to make my pooty?!
  3. Aww that's adorable (both) the fuzzy one reminds me of a fuzzy sunrise.
  4. Thanks, i just thought it made more sense there. but i obviously haven't gotten around on this very much yet.
  5. Him and Her just HAD to refuse...... >.> at least i can replace dark pool.
  6. Ok, so for those of you who know (and for those who dont), The cave cast did something like this: draw a dragon with these qualities: - Ram Horns - White Strips - Sparkle - Three back-fins - Must be some mainly some shade of blue - Sabre teeth They also did this one: -No eyes -Tentacles -Unusual mouth -Crystals -Comet -Spurs now, I was thinking we could something like this. one person can add only 1 detail (to each dragon, I'm sure we are most likely going to do many), and there are a max of 5 specific details. idea: player 1: mainly silver player 2: blue wing tips player 3: small wings player 4: must be a pygmy (yes you can specify if you want it to be a drake, dragon, or pygmy) me/creator/mods if I decide to appoint mods: ok guys, we can start drawing now! and so on!
  7. If you want to rid yourself of some work, when I'm not egg locked i'll try and catch a nebbie for you if you want a 2nd gen
  8. >.> I shall kill myself now. I forgot that the hatchie was on my side, and he colored correctly, buuuut, he is a adult so I can't trade him! >.> I'm so mad at myself.
  9. Awesome! Valkyrie- if you have a CB, if you want, if all goes well with another nebbie I have coloring correctly, and they breed, you can have a egg off them, for future breeding to make a 4th gen.
  10. Help! I need to know the lineage type for this lady! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE LINEAGE! Alt blacks, normal blacks, silvers (the link and blue kind), normal vines, alt vines, BRIGHT PINKS whites, and golds!!! (Not tinsels or shimmers, wyvern, but normal kind.) But, totally not sure what lineage type.
  11. Lepux- Nothing to be ashamed about. I didn't have a magi until a few days (maybe a week?) ago. I would adopt the hatchies, but since they aren't gendered, I can't breed.
  12. How would this lineage go with this CB lady? Could you possibly breed me a even gen checker mate for the wave runner?
  13. I would like to be a part of this evil plan! Scroll Name and Link: Sunnyhistory link Password: bed Your best evil laughter: *squeak*
  14. Got the egg, it's almost hatched. http://dragcave.net/teleport/a1e9792b7c7df...6736d848966118b Here's the teleport
  15. I want to participate! Forum Name: sunnyhistory22 Scroll Link: in my siggy! Clan: Catapultet (or whatever Preferred Method of Contact: pm!
  16. I need a 3rd gen green hatchie, he's going to be a mate for Galaxy of Hope, check her lineage. It's blueXpurple, I'm adding redXgreen to finish it up.
  17. I got a mint egg, once two days have passed I can teleport it to you Deltice
  18. Cool! Ill breed one when i'm not egglocked egg not guaranteed. And, do you want a second gen MW or not?? If yes, then it will take a bit longer getting it.
  19. I would breed a egg for you, but I don't have a mate for Galaxy of Hope yet. When this guyor one of my CB's hatches, (none of them are at the first crack yet D:) ill need to get a male 3rd gen hatchie (hopefully green to make it a bit more matched up now, Hope is a miscolor) for her mate ASAP
  20. Out of your choices, a nebula, but personally, a certain nebula, a certain mint, a certain seawyrm pygmy, or my favorite, a certain shadow walker (Check my scroll, I only have 1 of each of those breeds except for mint, and the mint is Mint Era.) The shadow walker was my first ever egg. She is my baby