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  1. Love loaded baked potato...
  2. Sunny and cold said maybe rain on thanksgiving day.
  3. Hi guys, What your favorite sport that you watching now that time. My favorite is Kansas state university Wildcats college football St.Louis blues hockey Kansas city chiefs nfl football St.Louis rams nfl football NASCAR Sprint cup (Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon)(ex-tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Sr, Mark Martin) That all for now. Hopefully what you have. Thanks
  4. Mango, pineapple, orange, Apple, sometimes strawberry.
  5. Cloudy and cool outside and maybe rain on and Tuesday..
  6. Not much worth watching since on t.v.for my favorite are: Law and order Law and order:criminal internet Law and order in California Transformers Star trek the next generation Star trek voyager but not on now and still on Netflix instant Warehouse 13 Doctor who X files Iron chef Japan old Iron chef American Hook,cook,dinner(Ben sargent) Dinner,drive in,dive Restaurant impossible Giadia home Everything Italian Homes on Holmes Make a right(Mike Holmes) Extra Virgin Martin yan can cook Simply Ming Pioneer woman In the heat of the night Matlock V
  7. Masks(80s)(vehicles change in flying, etc), ducktales, transformers, gargoyles, chip n Dale rescue rangers, Scooby doo, the real Ghostbusters, sailor moon, inuyasha, darkwing duck, silverhawks, thundercats, pokemons, voltron, rainbow brites, care bears, few not remember name in past..Oh well.
  8. It's okay as well since I like Matt Smith and Peter capaldi then David tenant last.
  9. I like star trek the next generation and star trek voyager as well.
  10. I been using 3DS as well good for use playing games and YouTube, Netflix,etc. I not use it as 3d too much for my eyes....
  11. Wii and Nintendo 3DS game my favorite since playing Nintendo....
  12. Nice, join since lost no more yahoo email for gpxplus site. Been changed bit oh well thanks for new information about that. Thanks for new stuff add. Enjoy.
  13. My favorite animal are dolphin, cat, dog and birds.
  14. Nice my favorite driver Jimmie Johnson 48. Since fan behind Carl Edwards.... NASCAR.
  15. Pretty good sunny and windy outside. Nice cool outside.
  16. I have cat tabby cat as yellow and white female and she is 2 years old. She was sweet.