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  1. same question here, kinda bummed out lol
  2. H: CB vamp hatchie W: Arcana hatchies, maybe something rare message me pls I dont have anymore teleport dragons available
  3. I got two CB eggs thinking Halloween was egg locked to 2 eggs per scroll and only now realised I was mistaking Christmas with Halloween and missed out on 4 more eggs.. I feel so damn stupid rn
  4. I never knew this was so complicated... I maxed my kills today thinking that's it buy apparently I should've started a month ago. Kinda sucks.. Gotta wait for next year now
  5. The event was alright but only because I'm not a fan of these types haha, too much reading. Love the tokens tho! And can't wait to see what kind of Halloween dragon we'll get this year
  6. I completely forgot about this year's event and missed out on the eggs ;A; I dont know how I did it but now I feel awful.
  7. where can I see the alternative sprites? :oo
  8. the adult dragon looks rather simple but I love it nonetheless <3
  9. Yeah, I think the 15min wait is too long as well, I forget about doing the game after that amount and wander off I do love the hatchlings though! Excited to see the adults. And also hoping to see the red bar fill up now, been fire all along.
  10. -trade removed- Please take it to the trading subforum.
  11. same here, a little disappointed tbh
  12. I picked the Grave baby, I love this breed of dragon to bits <3
  13. Just started today and Im so excited! Love all the new additions and I love the fact that we could choose our hatchling >w< Have only one candy piece so far oops haha. Which hatchlings did you choose? I chose my most favorite Halloween derg and I love him to bits <3
  14. I didnt get an egg and I see I cant redo the game so Im feeling pretty dissapointed and sad :/
  15. are there more badges or just the red egg one? I havent progressed from the beggining because I dont understand how ths game works and what I need to do and I would hate to miss badges because of that
  16. this worked but now when I try to enter a command it brings me back to the nest page and says I cant do anything with that I wish there was a more detailed explanation on how to play so I wouldnt have to camp in the forums until I am sure what to do :/
  17. I am stuck at the event beginning because I dont know how to progress further? i tried taking some items but I cant do anything else. Help ;-;
  18. Im not really sure how to play the game, Im really confused ;-;
  19. Liste yo y jeaty. vam upi jeat oy somh? Violets are white, roses are yellow , you're insane and I am mellow
  20. good, your kneadings saved Vega and ruined Paul's outpost 5 kcheoemxba
  21. I will definitely sacrifice all the time I can give to make Witchlight x Spirit Ward lineages owo they look absolutelly stunning together
  22. Great job, Odeen! I'm completely in love