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MadameZ.pngJoined DC on September 17th, 2015.Not very inactive atm, will respond to messages.If you ever feel the urge to ask me for something from my scroll, just send a pm. Everything bred from my scroll is free.Mainly playing Flight Rising. My nub lair.2prir7c.png8LUn8AH.gifmm3kb6.jpg

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    Um, hi...

    I have a bunch of stuff on my scroll. If you, um, seem to want anything from my scroll, just pm me. Everything bred from my scroll is free. Just name them please, and if you could, continue the lineage...


    I usually stay behind the crowd, I'm not the most social person. If you ever feel the urge to chat with me, um, pm me.

    Also I like Rosebuds and White dragons. I'll hoard any of those.

    Oh, and I only take 2G Holidays from a non holiday mate, with nicely named parents.

    Oh, my wishlist? I only keep most of them during holidays, but I do need some mates...

    Right now, I need... oh my

    2G Mutamore from Deep Sea (mate for

    2G Rosebud from White (I need them all!)

    2G Rosebud

    All CB Whites!