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Joined DC on September 17th, 2015

Not very active atm, will respond to messages.

If you ever feel the urge to ask me for something from my scroll, just send a pm. Everything bred from my scroll is free.

Including a 2G Bronze shimmer.


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    Um, hi...

    I have a bunch of stuff on my scroll. If you, um, seem to want anything from my scroll, just pm me. Everything bred from my scroll is free. Just name them please, and if you could, continue the lineage...

    For a 2g bronze shimmer, it's included. Just shoot me a message with the mate of choice, and I'll add you to my owe list. A person can request as many prizes as they want, but I will put new people on the list first. 3 on the list at a time as well. I will only allow new requests when all three requests on my profile have been fulfilled. Please note that if you request a mate that is of a very common breed (100 shards on the market), I shall only attempt the pair three times. You'll get a single prizefail if it does not work out in the three attempts. (I was locked on a seragamma for 35 weeks, and I canceled it after the requester was inactive for an extended period of time).
    (It'll take a while!)
    Please please PLEASE do not trade the egg I give you! While I cannot enforce it, it will get it in the way of me putting you in a future list if I find out!
    You can do anything else with it, gift, kill, abandon, bite, etc. It's your egg, you do you!
    Oh, and if you don't take the egg by three days, I will gift it to somebody else.

    For the privacy of the people requesting shimmers, I shall not post the list publicly. However, I will say if the list is full.

    List is closed, sorry about that!

    As for prize-fails, ask away! I'm going to get plenty while fulfilling the request from others, so you cannot choose the mate. However, there is no limit to my prize-fail list, so if you wish to, go ahead and ask!