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  1. OH~!! Thank you so very very much~! -wiggles and giggles- I love breedable hybrids~!
  2. Okay, so I missed the release for the new dragons. As I am understanding it, they are breedables an hybrids, not drops. But I am quite unable to figure out what they are hybrids of. Could someone PLEASE~! possibly point me in the right direction? -makes cute pouty face and batts eye lashes-
  3. I have to say, this was one of the more interesting events I've been a part of so far.
  4. YAY~!! I MANAGED TO GET SIX EGG TODAY~!! -wiggles happily-
  5. Cool beans~! Thank you very much~
  6. Okay, I know this is a thread on the contagion, but I was just wondering how long the new eggs would be dropping for since I have to go to bed soon as I work at 8:45 in the morning. -sad face-
  7. HOT DIGGITY I GOT 'EM ALL~! Okay, I'm happy now~
  8. Just need the Time Distortion egg now~
  9. -squeals, wiggles, and giggles- I finally got one~!!!! -dances around like a loon- YAY~!!!
  10. There was. But there was probably a lot more around the original time of release.
  11. I don't know any girl with that name. It is NOT a gender neutral one. That one is clearly gender specific... But whatever. You're not going to listen or at least aren't understanding. But again... whatever...
  12. Yargleshmargleshmeetzihooven... -wallows-
  13. Stegotail Again... I still hear this being said in the voice of a pokemon...
  14. The hybrid description: You can feel the static electricity that surrounds this egg. The drop: This egg has a striking pattern.
  15. I managed to breed two and find four more in the biomes~ So excited~
  16. FOR SCIENCE had me laughing as soon as the scroll loaded.
  17. Stegotail I have no idea why, I keep hearing that in Bulbasaur's voice. -snickers-
  18. I can't wait~ I look forward to having the honor of owning an Honor Dragon as well as continuing the line~
  19. Alrighty~ When and if you are able to answer that, please let me know~
  20. Soulpeace. Soulpeace or Aria.