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  1. No, it's MINE! You leave me no choice.............I have to use my ultimate weapon....THE TEDDY BEAR! *Bonks you on the head with Ted*
  2. It's mine now! *Eats it and runs away very far* It's clerly mine guys! Stop stealing it!
  3. Stop it! I'm royalty! If you don't give me my beautiful topic back, I'll duel you to a pokemon battle!
  4. I'm pretty sure this is where you post eggs and hatchlings.....right? -eggs spam removed-
  5. *Crushes it with gas gun* Yay! Now I can put steel on the gas so it won't run out!
  6. Congratulations, you've just been replied by an arctic wolf.
  7. My avatar repersents my Animal Jam OC, Scarlet. She first came out when I got my first AJ arctic wolf. I was so happy to get her, I literally went to the photo booth in AJ, and took a photo: Then I decided it was too much 3D, and made a Microsoft Paint version. Made her a gif, and now here she is, my beautiful avatar.
  8. *Takes the topic and eats it in one gulp* You'll never have your precious topic back! >