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  1. I have this Dorkface. She's a bit of an old gal... I've been inactive and never realized her lineage was a well known one. I'll guess I better breed her, hah.
  2. Tortellini with tomato sauce, broccoli, and bread with butter.
  3. I hear my brother playing video games in the background. He is driving a tank around in the desert. I hear myself typing. I heard the low hum of my laptop. And there is some sort of distant buzzing that I can't identify.
  4. Yes, it's comic book-y because it's based out of comics. Which is why it's about registration of super heroes. Marvel's Civil War arc to be specific. Buuuuut. If this was a lead in to a debate, I'm not sure what side you are trying to debate from either? Are you saying that people who are born differently should have to put themselves on a public list- when they are currently and actively being discriminated against? In violent ways, which have high death counts, I might add. Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters/Jean Grey Academy had been shot up and blown up a few times. Mutants get murdered in the street. To put things in perspective- mutants are supposed to represent whatever group is current being repressed. It's a stand-in to present current social structures without having to get too political about it. The discussion of this thread comes down to this: Do you believe that people who have powers should be put on a public registry? Note that most of these people gain powers through birth or an accident. Several of these people have others that wish them or their loved ones harm. The pro-regers will argue that these people are dangerous and need a government agency like SHIELD to keep them in line. Even if they have no criminal record. Because they might do something. .... But back to your post. As far generalizations go... While will agree that Scientology is pretty wackadoo and some of the people who believe in it are oddballs, I don't think everyone in the entire group deserved to be judged. Or compared to serial killers. If you make a point against generalization, it's usually best to avoid making one. It was pretty easy to see what Milkaq was trying to say. Don't judge people except on the merit of their actions- Serial Killers' actions are pretty easy to judge them by, yeah? I'm not sure what point you are trying to make with the paragraph about negative company. I just don't understand how it fits into the topic at hand. Spider-man and Storm are pretty good company in my book. Would be so kind as to clarify for me? I enjoy in depth conversations and debates. I'd really like to see what your side to this is. Edited for typos.
  5. Against. Mutants already get killed daily. Putting them on a list will just put them in even more danger. This madness must stop.
  6. I've never even seen a rare. The ones I have, I got as gifts ages ago.