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  1. I have this Dorkface. She's a bit of an old gal... I've been inactive and never realized her lineage was a well known one. I'll guess I better breed her, hah.
  2. Tortellini with tomato sauce, broccoli, and bread with butter.
  3. I hear my brother playing video games in the background. He is driving a tank around in the desert. I hear myself typing. I heard the low hum of my laptop. And there is some sort of distant buzzing that I can't identify.
  4. Yes, it's comic book-y because it's based out of comics. Which is why it's about registration of super heroes. Marvel's Civil War arc to be specific. Buuuuut. If this was a lead in to a debate, I'm not sure what side you are trying to debate from either? Are you saying that people who are born differently should have to put themselves on a public list- when they are currently and actively being discriminated against? In violent ways, which have high death counts, I might add. Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters/Jean Grey Academy had been shot up and blown up a few times. Mutants get mu
  5. Against. Mutants already get killed daily. Putting them on a list will just put them in even more danger. This madness must stop.
  6. I've never even seen a rare. The ones I have, I got as gifts ages ago.