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  1. Gosh, I almost forgot about Winter Holiday event! Happy hunting everyone! And Happy Holidays!
  2. Late, but still. Happy Halloween! And thank you, guys, for the quest! I didn't get it from the first time, but figured it out late this night. And new dragons are lovely!
  3. Happy Valentine's! The hatchies look promising!
  4. Merry Christmas! New dragons are cute)
  5. They are wonderful! Very nice species!
  6. Happy Halloween! This eggs look a lot like cupcakes) Wonder what are hatchlings look like?
  7. Wow... I think I always return on Halloween events... missed Omen dragons last year and now I have to catch up and be ready for the new species. Also, the Adventure is great! I loved the Guardian and Marrow! Happy Halloween!
  8. That's the problem. I've tried to visit many pages, deep sea for example, but there is no change in my stats.
  9. Nope! All of them were collected after the release of the Dragon Encyclopaedia. (all previously collected dragons were released long before it)
  10. Evening, dragon holders! Is it just me, or does our dragon encyclopaedia stop refreshing? I have several dragon breeds over 3 per species, but they are still grey.
  11. Hi! I'm a bit lost. Is it just me or we do not have Lunar Heralds in the dragon encyclopaedia?
  12. Thank you! Worked perfectly well!
  13. Hi! I'm not sure, Is it a problem or not. I have 3 adults of black marrow and 1 frozen and the page on this breed in the encyclopaedia is fully open (all stages are open), but on the full page, where every breed is shown my marrows are only marked as dark grey.
  14. Usually it's "The night on the Lonesome October" by Roger Zelazny, but I do prefer to listen to the audiobook, rather than read it.
  15. Cats in Belfry by Doreen Tovey. I'm a catlover and right now this is the best book of the month. Why? Well... For many reasons I do feel a bit down, and this book helps to keep my mood in check.
  16. Vampires are my favourite Halloween breed. And it's a pre-Halloween time! Would you like to be bitten by pretty white female dragon-vampire?
  17. Pretty strange, actually. Half disappointed and half happy. Repairs aren't going very well, but better, than in a bad scenario.
  18. I wonder, If I could manage to gather all Halloweens at least my one dragon...