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  1. As the man next to the thief said stuff about Hygre's looks, Sarah snarled a little. She glared at the two men, but sat down and sighed. I guess I have to do this the dumb way... She raised her front paws into the air, and made a square shape in the air, resembling a box. She then pointed at the 'bad' person, and showed in the air how he took the box from Zorua, ripped it apart and throwed on the ground. After her little show she turned her gaze towards the man, who already had said something to a man behind him. Is it just me, or does that man behind those guys resemble a Zoroark or a Zorua in some ways? - - - Kage looked at the people with a slight grin on his face. He looked at the mentioned Absol, and slightly tilted his head in curiosity. "Yeah, it does... did you steal that thing's berries or something?" he said jokingly as he was looking at the man, that was pointed by the white pokemon. Actually, if the man did steal something from that pokemon, why wasn't it already trying to tear the guy's face apart? Are Absols usually calm or something? He was never really interested about those bladed pokemons, but apparently they brought bad luck with them. Though it seemed that this one was here just to... be here. - - - -=Magical timeskip=- Fia looked at the town, that opened in front if our little group. Many basic size buildings, and a few bigger ones. She turned her head to the group. "I guess we should pretend not to understand Pooch, right?" she asked, kinda already knowing what the answer would be. "Also I think we could go to the Pokecenter, I think there would be a lot of information," she then continued after turning her face towards the town again. She didn't remember her life, but she remembered all the regions, places, and how things worked. How was that even possible, she didn't know.
  2. I have a few questions... 1.If the "winged Enderians" are basically related to the Ender dragon, can they be able to use fire? Just a silly lil' question (: 2. Can I make one with a tail and wings? :3 3. Can endermen have hairstyles? If they're fully endermen, I mean. Edit: If I helped with the skeletorian traits -thing, what would I actually do? I'm not promising anything, but i'd probably like to help~
  3. Hmm, I think we never said anything about permanent-ness. I like the idea that they need guidance and blah blah blah, what you explained. Also, maybe we should have separate posts... I mean, if you want to make one. This isn't that big of a roleplay, but it would keep things more clear, wouldn't it?
  4. I finally managed to get time to come here again (: So let me post my characters! ... Sorry if Tralok is a bit OP, he won't steal anyone's power, don't worry c: Name/Species: Emma Kuusisto / Human Age/Gender: 17 / Female Dragon Shape: Western Appearance: -Human: About 1.8m tall, skinny. Black straight hair reaching her shoulders, pale skin, green eyes, usually wears casual clothes like a hoodie and jeans, prefers black or purple. -Dragon: Length is about 7m (counting the 2m long tail), height 4m. Black scales, skin on wings is dark purple. Has a silver colored spike mane (each spike around 10 cm long, 5 cm apart from each other) going from her forehead to the end of her tail, the tail tip is a blade-like spike. Has silver-colored horns, just two straight ones that are 30 cm long, on her head. There's also a thick 20 cm-long spike on her nose, not really at the tip, but not at the forehead. Also has bright green eyes~ Personality: Curious and adventurous, pretty spectical about strangers and new weird things. Likes nature and magic, but afraid of big amounts of it. Hates having responsibilities and big tasks, likes to push them to other people. Also pretty social, likes to talk a lot. Location / A little history: Finland (City is Tampere) / High school or college student, whatever you call it... Emma has a basic finnish family, having an older sister, mother, father and their dog Rex in the family. Her whole family is just humans, but his dad works in a world-wide organisation, researching magic and creatures that have it (works especially in Europe). She is very good at languages at school, that's why she has very good english, at least at most of the time. Other: Emma has always been interested in magic, and creatures that were rumored to exist. That counts in dragons. She wants to follow her father's footsteps, just because the job is interesting. Name/Species: Tralok / Elder dragon Age/Gender: unknown / unknown Dragon Shape: Western (specifically a wyvern) Appearance: -Dragon: Tralok is a huge dragon, bigger than most of the elders. Although, can change the body's size when wanted. As a wyvern, has no front legs, but the wings work like them too. The insides of the wings have no specific color, but they alter in the colors of space, sometimes purple, sometimes green, the pattern always changes. Also the flesh of this dragon is the same 'color'. The scales are a dull basic gray, and the eyes are bright purple, with no pupil in them. The tail is enormous, double (or more) the length of the body. Tralok has a feather or fur-like mane on the back, changing color from purple at the head to red at the start of the tail. The tip of the tail is four spikes, surrounding a floating orb that has colors of the space, changing all the time. Personality: Calm, reasonable, but sometimes (and pretty easily) very furious. Usually thinks of others before self, but can sometimes be a selfish little devil. Location / A little history: Unknown, Rarely Dreamscape / Tralok was born as a guardian, to guard what? Magic, of course. He (or she) has that orb on his tail, and through that he can see anything that contains magic. He can watch a traveller's path, or see what's happening to a planet far away. Why space colors? Because they look awesome. Other: Extremely skilled in magic, he could steal away one's magic, if it was used for bad for too long. He works by karma, which of course exists in this world. Also, the orb on his tail can be removed, I mean, it floats, of course.
  5. Sarah looked at the Zorua, who jumped out to defend her. She glared at the questioning man, with a stare that said 'exactly, get lost.' She then heard the girl, who was petting her earlier, respond to the small fox's insult. "You sure?" Sarah had to ask, letting out a quiet growl, saying the name 'absol'. She then looked back at the man curiously. She noticed the earlier thief, and growled a little, as she got an idea."I don't know what Hygre wants from her now, but I know that that thief almost ruined her surprise..." she snarled, pointing at the lucario-man with her claws. -------- Kage yawned, as the situation looked kind of boring. He thought of leaving, but as he saw a lot of people at the front door, he sighed. Let me guess; a cool pokemon or something? he thought sarcastically, as he got up from the comfortable couch and started walking towards the door. He stopped a bit further away from it, as he saw an absol, a man, another guy and... that panic-shifter. They appeared to be in a conversation, as the absol started pointing at one of the guys. "What're you doing?" he asked from the group as he stood behind it, putting his hands in his pockets. ----- Fia looked at the houndour after the weird arguing between her and her owner. "Thanks for the compliments, and sure i'll come with you! I don't want to be here alone, afterall," she said, and looked back at the guy called Z. He had shifted into a... Porygon Z, apparently. At least that's what she heard from the black dog. "So, how big is this town?" she asked from basically anyone around her. At least I found nice people, maybe I can get through with this weird game pretty quickly... She then raised an eyebrow. "By the way, Rhapsody, if you're a shifter too, what pokemon are you?" she asked with a curious look on her face.
  6. Sarah looked through the glass doors, and saw a lot of people in there. So this is a popular place... I wonder what happens if I faint? Do I turn back or do I really faint...? And can they fix me up if I faint as a human... Her thoughts were interrupted by a girl, who dashed through the doors, almost smacking into her and Zorua. She gasped as the girl suddenly touched her, but apparently she just wanted to pet her. Sarah looked up at the girl and sat down quite awkwardly. One does not simply do something smart in this situation... A sudden question behind her, however startled her. She turned her head to see yet another human. She just blinked, and tilted her head, pretending not to understand the question. This won't end well this won't end well this won't end well... ------ Kage didn't get a chance to talk to the girl, as she ran out of the room. "Arceus damnit," he said, and stopped leaning against a wall. He decided to look out of the door, only to see a lot of people. If the girl is telling those guys about a creepy man, who attacked her, i'm screwed... He decided to go into the lobby anyways, might aswell see what kind of people live here. He sat down on a couch near some windows, and yawned. "A busy day here..." he mumbled to himself. ------ Fia listened to the houndour's explanations. "I guess it makes sense," she admitted quietly, still thinking it was pretty weird. She waved her tail a bit, it was nice to find friendly people right after this... weirdness. After she heard all of them stop their talking, she smiled. "I love how the only real pokemon here knows more than all of us do," she said sith a bit happier tone. "But i guess I should try to transform back..." she said, and stood up. Fia closed her eyes and thought about her human-self. Weaker senses... comfortable balance... no fire... she thought, and pretty soon she noticed the glow around her. She gasped when she noticed, that she was on her knees on the forest floor, and standing felt natural again. "Lucky first try!" she laughed, and she smiled. Quite nice to hear my own voice, not some barking, when I talk.
  7. Sarah almost jumped when she heard her name, and got up. She put the empty plate on a table next to her. "Sounds good to me!" she said with a happy tone, and walked to the door, following AJ. ------ "Oh nooo, dishes! My only weakness!" he joked, and 'melted' on the couch, sliding towards the floor. He laughed, and got back into a comfy position, putting his hand on the back of the couch, like the cliché in movies. He then looked at Alex, still smiling. ((Short posts gotta be short, hah))
  8. Seeking RPs Username: MidnightStar89 Preferred Style of RP: I prefer short-ish posts, because my imagination isn't always the best... My posts are usually somewhere between 3 and 10 sentences, but it depends. I can't really explain this very well... yeah. (: I'd also like some 1x1 roleplaying, or maybe a small group of max. 4 people. Also, if you happen to have a non-started, or a rp that has just started, you could look at what I like... Preferred Genre: I love fantasy! Anything where we could maybe be dragons or other fantasy creatutes, maybe half-dragons, basically anything to do with dragons = i'm in. I also really like drama, but i'm not a drama queen! I'm also not a big fan of romance, I am really bad at it. So, long story shory, i'd like these kind of rps: -Dragon -Any mythical/fantasy things -sci-fi (maybe) -Werewolf (where we're either werewolves or get infected... Idk) -Apocalyptic -...Doctor who -Dinosaurs -Warrior cats, or something similiar -Wild dogs/Wolves? -Animals overall? Other: So, I would love to get a respond... response... uhh, you know. PM me if you're interested! I like very many rps, but i'm bad at making ideas, so maybe make something on the way? I do of course get ideas for the plot, if I just get an inspiration~! Thanks for reading! :3 I also use a lot of smileys, if that's something to be warned of c:<
  9. Sarah looked around, as more people came in. She tried to retreat to a corner with her almost empty-plate. Cool, more people... Just what I needed... hahah... she though, as she sat down on the nearest spot near a corner. ----- As Fazil heard the question, he smiled, and put his hands on Alex's hands. "f'course sweetie!" he answered with a glad tone. "Less dishwashin' at home!" he laughed, and lightly pressed the back of his head against her shoulder.
  10. After asking the question, and getting the answer from the pokemon, Sarah chuckled. "Okay then, calm down!" she answered with a joking-like voice. She grabbed Teccy's pokeball, who was then put inside it. Sorry buddy.... okay, how did this work again... It was quite easy last time. Think of the appearance... After thinking just for a few seconds, a bright flash of light surrounded her. She was very soon on four legs, and the light disappeared. She shook her head a bit in the air, and almost fell. "Woah! Okay, i'm not that good with balance just yet, I guess..." she said to the Zorua, letting out her absol growls. She walked up to the fox, who was still smaller than her. "Lead the way!" she barked, and waved her tail from side to side quite slowly. --------- Kage gasped and covered his face as a reaction to the sudden wind that flew towards him. As he noticed it basically did nothing, he raised his gaze at her and grinned. Suddenly he pointed at the girl. "I knew it!" he accidentally yelled, but shut his mouth. "I mean... er... welcome to the club." he continued, and just smiled. "I have to ask... what pokemon? I'm a Zoroark myself. At least that's what I feel more comfortable as, so that'd be what I was before this, right?" he continued talking again and leaned against the wall. --------- Fia looked at her paws, but perked her ears at the questions. "Definitely the human form..." she confessed, but raised her head again. "But I literally just came here, I have no idea what's going on, or where I am, or who I actually am... Well, okay, I know my name is Fia, but everything else is foggy..." she continued, her voice getting more unsure with every new truth she told. She lowered her ears a little. "Why do these things move so much?!" she asked, mostly from herself, and frowned a little. ((Sorry I took so long, my internet was out, and the whole electricity was gone from the house for two days because of surprise-snow...))
  11. Sarah looked at the Zorua, who first explained a lot of stuff. As the story kept going and going, Sarah almost bursted out laughing, but Teccy poked her a little. Sarah kept silent. I guess there're a lot of berries here... When the Zorua stopped talking and grinning, she raised her eyebrow. "Wha-" she started to ask, but the pokemon bolted off. Sarah just heard him say something of getting a wallet back, but she didn't even get to ask before the zorua said she could come too. Sarah nodded, and ran up to him. "Though... You're pretty fast, maybe I should be something that can stay with your speed," she laughed, kind of asking if it was okay. ----- Kage saw the girl get frightened, and he slightly sighed. I'm expecting overreacting... he thought, when the girl's eyes showed very great surprise. As the girl started awkwardly talking, he raised his eyebrow. "I'm not going to hurt you..." he said, he accidentally answered to the girl's whisper, he didn't even notice it. However he did notice unsureness in her voice. "I'm pretty good at reading people in my opinion... I think you're lying." he said, slighly pointing at the girl. I hope she does actually lie, this would be very awkward otherwise... ----- Fia looked at the man, who suddenly said something right at her. She lowered her ears, and leaned a bit backwards, but raised her ears in surprise, when the man told about him, and probably the other guy, who's name was... Z? Really? Then she turned her head to the other one talking, the houndour, who told her an advice. She was about to try tranaforming, when... Z.. asked her a question. "Uh, you can apparently understand me..." she first said, and sat up pretty slowly. "...and yeah, I was a human... At least before transforming. But, as I said, I can't remember much yet." she continued, lowering her ears a little.
  12. Sarah heard the Zorua's answer, and nodded. "I guess that makes sense. It's just odd for me, because i'm just a human, I don't really get these things." she said. When he offered guiding, Sarah thought for a moment. "Well, now that you mention it, I would maybe like to know more about this town overall, I haven't explored a lot yet!" she answered, and Teccy rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you've been testing your abilities for a while." the bat said, and Sarah tapped his head in an annoying way, basically messaging 'shut up'. -------- Fia looked downwards at the little pokemon, and slowly nodded. "I guess I should try to explain... Anyways, I actually just woke up in the middle of the woods, with a weird warm feeling inside me, like a flame or something. I only remembered a few things, my name, and a few rules. The rules were to a 'challenge' that I took, but it kind of gave me weird powers. I'm not really a pokemon, but I have no idea how to turn back, or even if I can!" she told the houndour. At about half of the story her tail flickered a lot, nervously. When she finished talking, she plopped her head down on the grass, and whimpered a little. "...and i'm kind scared." she added, her ears dropping again.
  13. Sarah looked at the excited Zorua and smiled. "... I just realised you also switched gender with your transformation... Doesn't that feel odd?" she asked, but got a slap into the back of her head from a wing. Teccy shook his head, but smiled a little. "You can't just ask such rude things, silly!" he said with his squeaky voice, and took a better position on the shoulder he was sitting on. Sarah rolled her eyes, and held the spot she was hit in. "I guess..." she answered with a quiet voice. ------ Kage rolled his eyes, as the woman who annoyed him a bit left. He almost got up, but the door creaked again, and the blue-themed girl stepped into the room. Worth a shot, I guess... Kage slowly got up, and kept his pokerface. "I have to ask one thing... uhm... this situation seemed off, have you heard of people who can transform into pokemons?" he asked, as he walked to the door, behind the girl. He was kind of blocking the door, although it opens both ways. "I'm not trying to hurt you or anything, please don't freak out..." he awkwardly chuckled. ----- Fia heard the name Arcanine be said multiple times. She guessed that she must've becomen an arcanine then. She raised her ears a little, and pretty clumsily laid down on her stomach, placing the other paw on top of the other. She looked at the small black dog as it circled her, but then focused on the ground. "Well, uhh..." she tried to start awkwardly. "... Yeah I can't make up anything on the go. Honestly, I have no idea what happened, but apparently i'm an arcanine... hard to explain. I'm happy that humans don't speak pokemon. I would probably be put down for being a crazy dog." she spoke, her voice got a little more confident.
  14. Sarah tilted her head, as the zorua went inside the building. So, his name is just Zorua... I guess not everyone names their companions, like I do. Soon she saw the pokemon come back, and she dropped a small plastic bag in front of her. "Oh, thanks?" Sarah responded as she grabbed the bag. She opened it, and as she saw the three berries she smiled. She grabbed her backpack, and put the berries inside it. "I have to ask, who is your trainer? Is she or he in there, and you escaped, or...?" she asked, and closed the backpack. She took Teccy on her shoulder, and petted him. Teccy made this strange purr-like noise when being petted. --- Kage looked at the man, who was starting to tell the name of this island. Too bad that he was interrupted by some random demanding voice coming from the lobby of this centre. As the man left, excusing himself, Kage turned his head towards the dark-haired girl Gaes. "What's your problem with me? I really don't like grumps like you, who get mad at me for no reason," he told her with an annoyed/frustrated voice, and a frown on his face. He then looked at the girl who got up. "And yeah, I guess we could," he said pretty quietly, almost ignoring the recommendation. ---((Woo New character... yeah. I wanted to try something new.))--- Fia opened her forest-like green eyes, and her vision was blurry at first. She saw bright light, and soon she noticed she was in a forest, looking through the branches. She sat up, and held the side of her head a little. What a headache... She soon noticed her clothes felt different. "What am I wearing?" she asked, surprised, as she noticed the gloves, and other clothes she had on her. "Though these feel comfortable... How long have I been unconcious? Where am I?" she continued talking to herself, and she saw a pokemon flee from nearby. She got up, and felt a little dizzy for a second. After the dizziness she felt warmness. She was not hot or sweaty, but she felt really warm inside. That was new. She looked at her hands, and shrugged. No signs of some weird sickness. She then had memories pop up. Oh yeah, the game or something. I guess there was something about powers that aid me, but what powers? Cold resistance? Heat resistance? Am I a firegirl, hah... As soon as she basically thought of fire and heat, she started glowing. She let out a little squeak-like noise, as she got surprised about the light. She felt her clothes disappear, being replaced by fur growing out of her neck, wrists... It felt weird, luckily didn't last long. After what felt like forever, but in reality probably lasted for seconds, she was lying on the ground on her stomach. She lost her balance right away, and she looked around. Wha- okay I feel really weird... She tried to get up, using her hind legs was harder now. She turned her head to look at them, and noticed what she suspected; they had turned into paws. Her whole body had changed. She was orange pelted with orange stripes, she had a tail that was covered in thick beige fur, and her head was covered by that beige fur too. I wonder if I can still speak... She opened her mouth, and let out a bark, or a grunt, it was something between them. She lowered her ears as a reaction. So I can't. Sarah tried to move her ears, and was surprised she could. She swinged her tail a little too. [/i]I'm getting the hang of this...[/i] She decided to go look for someone for help. She took some slow steps, and tripped, smacking her face against the ground. She let out a whimper out of the pain, but got up. The bigger you are, the harder you smack the ground, right? She managed to learn how to walk pretty quickly. She tripped a few times, but fell only one more time. Soon she smelled humans and a pokemon. She didn't even see them yet, but as she walked through some bushes, she saw them about five meters away. She got clumsily out of thhe bushes by leaping, and falling on her face onto the grass. She whimpered, but raised her head towards the taller human. "I'm having a trouble..." she tried to say, but of course barking was all that came out. She lowered her ears, and mumbled/grunted something about not being able to talk english now. So she decided to talk to the other dog pokemon. "You can understand me, I suppose. I have this lovely problem. I can't keep my balance like at all. Also, could you tell me, what am I?" she asked, and tried to do cute puppy eyes, just in case. ((EDIT: I basically changed to whole turn of Fia, so yeah.))
  15. Sarah looked around while waiting for an answer from the pokemon. She suddenly heard her say something, and as she turned her head, a magenta light swifted the umbreon into a black-red fox. As she heard the pokemon introduce herself as a Zorua, Sarah's eyes widened a little. "You're a Zorua? Never seen one..." she leaned a little bit downwards to take a better look at the pokemon. Sarah then got back up, and smiled a little. "Well, not really. It's kind of what you can do, like transforming, but I apparently can't be a pokemon for long..." she answered to the fox's earlier sentence. Teccy's eyes were wide open, glancing at the Zorua. "Do you have a name? And what are we doing here?" he asked with a high-pitched, ears twitching a little while listening to his surroundings. ------ Kage looked at the woman, who introduced herself as Gaes, but with an annoyed voice. He rolled his eyes, and gave a quiet sigh. Geez... What'd I do to her? She seems a bit off anyways, why would I care 'bout that anyways? He then looked at Liz, who said she didn't remember her home, and he saw her worn-out-looking face. "Uh... ya okay there girl?" he then asked, putting the pokeball of his Gastly's back into his pocket. If that girl starts crying, i'm going to have to help her, don't I.... He then realized one thing. A frozen room, an awkward girl with a memory loss... Could she have this problem too? It seems coincidental, but it's possible, right? But what would he do if the girl actually was one? Just ask her what she knows? Everyone would think he went mad, though maybe he was, this situation felt too weird to be true.
  16. ((Just google it Now Rennaj must be like: Dafuq's google?)) Sarah looked at the umbreon, and smiled. She had helped someone today, as a shifter. She then looked at the building they were behind of, and tilted her head. This looks like... a gym maybe? She then turned her eyes to the dark-type, as it turned to her, and looked like it was about to talk. Sarah almost gasped at the amount of questions, and the last question towards Teccy kind of surprised her. "Well, I look exactly like a human, because I am a human... Usually. It's just this weird game I got dragged into for wanting something, and for some reason I can turn into an absol. To the name question, yes I have a name, I'm Sarah-" suddenly she was interrupted by the energetic/happy bat, who landed in front of the Umbreon. "And i'm Teccy! I can't transform, I think, but can you? And what's your name?" Teccy's big, yellow eyes investigated the umbreon from head to toes, and he hopped around her. Sarah coughed a little as a sign, and Teccy clumsily ran to Sarah's feet.
  17. Sarah ran behind the umbreon through grass and woods. Where are we even going... She hopped over some small-ish rocks with agile steps, and after making sure she wouldn't fall on her face, she looked towards the umbreon. "You do know where we are going, right?" she asked, and laughes a little bit. I hope she nods or something... --- Kage looked down at the pokeball, but as he heard the question, he raised his eyebrow, and his head. "Well... my home's... complicated, if you're talking to me. You would think I was crazy if I told you." he told, and chuckled. He didn't really want to be a liar, but what if the truth made them send him to prison or something? He was surprised at how soft the bed he was sitting on was. He looked at the woman, who asked questions. "But what's your name?" he asked, and gave a sneaky smile.
  18. Sorry, I added Fazil's and Sarah's reactions! The moment when you stuck the roleplay...
  19. Fazil looked at Alex for a moment. "He was just asking if I could make sure you're okay, he thought you wouldn't open to him as much as to me..." he lied. He kissed the girl's head, and walked to the stew, brewing it. He didn't like to lie to her, but she could get scared... --- Sarah looked at the guy who set her free. "Well, then the cake would've just gone to waste," she laughed. "You're Xel, right? Is that your real name or just some nickname... sorry if I sound offending, it's just that I haven't heard a name like that." she continued after she stopped laughing.
  20. Kage tilted his head a little, when the man told him to sit down. Anyways he nodded, and sat down on a cold bed... Probably because of ice. He looked at the man, and then at the girl with blue clothes. "So, um... I'm Kage," he tried to start a nicer conversation than this awkward-silence-then-breaking-it-with-a-few-words, but then he kind of regretted what he said, and played with the pokeball in his hands. ((I'll just add Sarah's part when our umbreon roleplays x3))
  21. Psst, what's mxm? Just curious~ I'd like to know, i'm kind of a newbie on here.
  22. ? Calling other user names? Are you just saying or did we do something like that? o-o'
  23. Kage heard the man's advise, and nodded. He then looked at the confused-looking Houndour. "Oh, you have a Houndour," he said, surprised. He thought of petting it, but maybe petting a confused hellhound wasn't a good idea. He turned back towards the room that the nurse pointed at earlier. "There has been a lot of people here lately, it might be a bit noisy to sleep there," the nurse said with a happy tone, as if she was joking. Kage sighed, and walked to the door. He grabbed the doorknob, it was very cold. Maybe this material is just cold... Or then that room is a glacier... He opened the door, and his eyes opened wide. "Uhm..." he just mumbled, when he saw the room was full of ice. He smacked the door closed behind him, as he saw three other people in there. The man in the middle looked a bit shocked. He looked at a woman, who apparently had just crashed in here too, because she didn't look as cold as the other two. Although the other woman was sitting on a bed, looking a little embarrased. I hope this is not what it seems like... Or do I? "Should've knocked..." Kage said, as his breath got foggy from the cold air. Definitely a glacier... --- Sarah looked at the bird attack the man, but she didn't react in any way really. She stood there, gently stroking her noibat's fur. She then felt someone pull her pants' sleeve, and glanced down at the worried-looking umbreon. The umbreon asked, if they could go away, and Sarah nodded. Teccy looked very confused, but hopped into the air, flying next to them. "Why on earth aren't we fighting?" he asked with his batsy voice. Sarah started to walk backwards, waving her hand in a motion that implied the black-yellow pokemon to follow. Maybe it's a good idea to just leave those guys to battle afterall...
  24. Sarah raised her eyebrow. "A job? Oh, well... I'm not sure what I would be good at. Any recommendations?" she asked with a little smile. "By the way, nice cake. I'm kind of glad I didn't miss this." --- Fazil waved at Jay as he left, and thought for a moment. Best place to hide a gun before I go home...? He took off his jacket, put the jacket hanging next to his beanie, and put the gun in the same pocket with his keys and a wallet, maybe it's less suspicious. He then walked to the room Alex was in. "Jay just left... You okay, sweetie?" --- Chris nodded as Farah answered, then noticed the suspicious-look. "What?" he asked, but walked off. As he passed Farah, and knew that she wouldn't see his face, he smiled. "I should grab something to eat..." he chuckled, as he walked off towards his cabin.