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  1. Does this include the forums or just the main site?
  2. Entirely too gay for my own good
  3. I also do the trawl methods. Mostly late at night -- it seems like the competition is less severe then.
  4. DIY Vanilla Extract: Materials - Bottle with airtight lid - Alcohol (vodka is what I use) - Vanilla beans (I use 3/cup of alcohol). - Funnel (optional, but highly recommend) Instructions: Slice vanilla diagonally and then cut into segments. Add vanilla beans, then add alcohol. Shake 2x per weeks for 12 weeks. Ta-da! _________________________________________________ Making your own vanilla is super easy and much more affordable. I got 12 vanilla beans for 20 dollars, a 3.99 bottle with a stopper, and 10 bucks' worth of vodka. It's been infusing for about six weeks no
  5. I'm pretty hyped up about Pokemon Go, but I know that it's never going to live up to the hype. V_V I still need to get the MD games.
  6. I bred all my Xenos trying to get a Chrono from non-Chronos. I didn't know this had a name.