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  1. I'm not seeing any eggs at all, either. I'm slightly frustrated. This is the first (and only) chance I'm going to have to get V-day eggs actually dated on the 14th. What's going on with the caves?

    There's ~900 other people online.... so there's likely to be some competition for the eggs.



  2. I was recently view-bombed (650+ unique views in less than an hour)....


    I noticed it was sick/VBed and I fogged it, but the lil' egg still died.


    Is fogging not enough? Would a Stun/Fog approach work better?


    I read through some of the recent pages but didn't see anything.


    Thanks, y'all.

  3. "Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful."


    http://dragcave.net/lineage/xUqTl >.>


    I'm not complaining but I don't understand - I got the unsuccessful message but an egg?

    Is that a regular occurrence?


    ~Please use /lineage/ instead of view links~

  4. I disagree with this suggestion for all the aforementioned reasons. Whereas some have some seriously strong feelings for this suggestion and generally keeping the old sprites, I quite adore the new ones and think that these changes are nothing but improvement.


    Which then forms my opinion on this -- I don't think this would be an efficient use of people's time.

  5. Well, I definitely love the sprite updates. For me it looks more or less like this: 2D --> 3D. Seriously. Even though the previous sprites had shading and all, the new ones are so masterfully done, they really look way more 3D now. And I personally love the looks. The wings on the splits - <3<3<3



    These sprites have really brought these silvers to life. biggrin.gifxd.png

  6. My first and only (thus far) was on my shoulder. Let me tell you - color tattoos are a WHOLE 'nother pickle. It hurt so bad. The black part of it did not hurt, but when that color shading tool hit my skin, my entire lower body broke into an intense sweat - I felt so bad leaving a gross, sweat imprint of my legs on his nice table. But, he was really cool and it has been about two years and I still adore my tattoo. <3

  7. I don't know about you guys, but I think that Fallout 4 is EXCELLENT. I like that they integrated a lot of the other great Bethesta processes into it but in a refined manner and so far I have been loving this game.

  8. The treats are little tiny images of fun things, and will appear randomly around your site, every 10 minutes or so. Just click them and they will go into your trick or treat pumpkin, which if you are new, you will also get with your first treat.


    There will be about 40-50 on average, and will drop continuously on your scroll until you get all of them or the event ends. You can click on the pumpkin in any member's scroll, like mine, to see the past treats. I have every one ever dropped, as I've been playing since before the events were started.


    At the end of the event, check the second or third post of the event thread for a list of all the people who sprited this year's treats and the treat they sprites.

    Does this include the forums or just the main site?