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  1. thanks for my first Pharos lovely xo it will be well taken care of! 2g Coastal Waverunner from Thalassa x Coastal Waverunner Claim my eggs/hatchlings! gone, enjoy!
  2. Whole bunch of Heartseeker hatchies!! Give them good homes! ❤️ Take me home! Take me home! Take me home! Take me home! Take me home! Take me home! Take me home! Bonus: 3g Male Thalassa hatchie
  3. thank you for the lovely sweetling! xo
  4. Pretty geode babe Pretty Chronos babe
  5. Nobleshield fail - enjoy (you may freeze, please name and no zombie attempts ❤️ ) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. absolutely stunning. thank you! ❤️
  7. CB Gold Floret <3 you may freeze! gone! thank you very much for posting ❤️
  8. Yesterday was my birthday, so this is perfect! Thanks TJ!
  9. Egg pack! Combined them all onto one transport to save me some time - if there's an egg you don't want, you are free to regift to this thread <3 please let me know where they go and please name! Love us! gone!
  10. It's thunderstorming where Moonlightshine is right now and they want to give me away to a good home! Eek! I'm the wrong breed but will you love me anyways? Let me know where this sweetheart goes~ (and please name) gone to moota! thank you, enjoy <3
  11. I'm a 3G Spirit Ward from a Gaia x SW stairstep and I need love and a forever home! Will you love me? Please let me know where this bab goes ^-^
  12. 2G PB Black alt male hatchie fail: Please let me know if you get him and love him and name him! gone! thank you for giving him a lovely home <3
  13. 2G PB female mint hatchie from 2 upside down April Fools mints! Please name, let me know where it goes, and love it! <3 Gone to jetaime, thank you and enjoy!
  14. this baby still needs a home <3 gone! somewhere../:
  15. 4G Geode from Stone x Green Give this one a loving home please <3 i would also appreciate naming it and letting me know where it goes!
  16. Ahh oh my god thank you! This is the best lineaged silver I have now <3
  17. Took two of the Pink x Almandine 2gs, thank you! <3
  18. Couldn't help myself, I love that lineage! thank you! <3
  19. Thank you! <3 I only had one of the green ones!
  20. I'm glad your son is doing okay! <3 thank you for the opportunity!!
  21. I have some gorgeous holiday checkers of my creation for you all <3 please let me know if you got them! Name me and love me! Name me and love me! Name me and love me! This isn't a checker but instead a pretty stairstep! Name me and love me!
  22. Love me? Winter Magi x Almerald perfect checker of my own creation, drop in a dummy and it will be yours!